Part 19 – July 19-21, 2017

On July 19, 2017 John and his crew were on the grounds, but made no attempt to enter the apartment. My roomate was there all day, and I part of the day, and nobody ever knocked on the door.

Out notes on John’s behavior for the day are here:

2017-07-19 – notes on John’s behaviour during repairs.jpg

On July 20, 2017 it was my roomate’s turn to stand watch on the unit. Neither John nor his crew had arrived on site by 10:30 so I left because I had another appointment.

Around 11 am Donna May Lord called my roomate as someone was coming up the stairs. My roomate answered and had a brief conversation with Lord where Lord told her that John had claimed he had been denied access to the unit and that he was coming to measure windows. As my roomate was hanging up, John knocked on the door. My roomate’s notes are here:

I called John’s paralegal once I’d talked to my roomate. Apparently Property Standards had neglected to inform John that the window repairs had passed. Even if that were true, there was still no reason to enter my roomate’s bedroom as there was no more work to be done on the windows in that room. As of January 20, 2020 (the day this was written) John has not done any further work on the windows in that room. The window with the two inch gap was in the kitchen, and the other questionable window was in the living room. The only objection we had to the repairs done to the bedroom windows was that the polycarbonite used instead of glass did not meet the OBC. (It’s also nasty stuff that yellows, cracks, and becomes opaque after a few years).

This N5 (and the one served on May 26, 2017) would form the basis of John’s first L2 application SOT-80393-17.

The allegations made are here:

That on or about May 15th 2017 you (Mr. Bosch) made rude comment to Richard Pollington (tenant & landlord agent), you called him a “DOUCHEBAG” , a comment that he found extremely offensive. – That on or about June 25th 2017, when landlord and his agents attempted to work on windows in your unit, you both continuously interrupt their work by your constant attempt to direct the work, you both started harassing the landlord by screaming at him and making verbal threats; all the while you were recording this without any consent to do so.
That on or about June 26th 2017, when the Landlord and his agents were working on the windows on the premises including your unit, you both started harassing the landlord while he was up on a ladder installing windows, you were screaming, swearing and making threats to the Landlord, you also continue to record the Landlord and his agents while they are working against their wishes.
That on or about June 27th 2017, while the Landlord was up on a ladder on the outside of the window working, you (Mr. Bosch) remove the screen on the window without giving the landlord any notice, this action resulted in the Landlord squeezing his finger in the frame causing him immense pain, the pain causes him momentary letting go of his hold of the ladder which created a more serious safety. You continue to record the landlord and his agents while they are working, despite being requested numerous times to stop recording as you did not have their permission to do so; you continue your harassment of the landlord.
On or about June 28lh 2017, you verbally attacked Richard Pollington, you called him a “Douche Bag” and made remarks to him found to be threatening.
On or about July 18th 2017, while the Landlord and agent was working on the premises you (Mr. Bosch) refuse to give the Landlord and his agent access to the unit even though sufficient written notice was given, you also was arguing, screaming and swearing at him.
These threats, harassment and intimidation by both of you to the Landlord and his agents continues to interfere with their daily management of this premises, safe and reasonable enjoyment of this premises and their rights, privileges and interest.

I’ll fill in all the details of John’s lies in a later post, but there’s a lot there that the reader can see does not reconcile with events. For example, John was never in our unit on June 25, 2017. His Notice of Entry was served on June 25, 2017. It may sound like nit-picking, but on an N5 Notice, details matter.

On July 21, 2017 as I was arriving at the building, Richard Pollington yelled “Hey asshole!” and raised his middle finger to me. My roomate recorded it in her notes. No attempt was mad by our landlord or his crew to enter our unit. None of them, as far as we knew, even came upstairs all day long.

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