We attended an LTB merits hearing for our three combines applications, (SOT-77620-16, SOT-80393-17, SOT-91682-18 and SOT-99829-18) and John Cerino’s L2 application (SOL-82418-17) (Doc 289 , Doc 290, Doc 291, Doc 292 and Doc 293 inclusive).

John showed up with no paralegal and began polling the crowd, as usual of late. He didn’t get any takers and ended up representing himself. Since we were starting with the T6 application (SOT-77620-16) and we (the tenants) were presenting our evidence in chief, all he had to do was sit there and listen. He managed that.

We got about a third of the way through, and ran out of hearing time.

Sean Henry (the member presiding) also told us that he would be releasing the other applications to be heard by other adjudicators. That leaves us (the tenants) dealing with four complicated applications simultaneously (rather than as one). John didn’t like the idea either. For once, we both agreed on something. That decision prejudiced our interests. The stated reason for that decision (to ensure they are heard in a timely manner) is risible under the circumstances.

Update: July 24, 2020 – Somehow I missed requesting the hearing recording for this hearing. When I get it, I’ll post it.

This hearing used up two hours of a member’s time.

The tally is now at 20 hours 45 minutes of hearing time at the LTB, in 15 hearings, two by telephone, eleven in person (counting the Case Management Hearing and mediation session of May 19, 2017 as hearings). It has also used up 9 hours and 51 minutes of a mediator’s time. On the criminal side, it has used up whatever time the pre-enquete hearing used when process was issued on Pollington’s private complaint (call it one hearing, 45 minutes) and one short appearance (5 minutes) for a total of 50 minutes of a judge’s time. There have been at least eleven complaints to police (at least 6 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 10 responses, and charges being laid in one case. Municipal Law Enforcement had also expended approximately 5 man-days (including two man days expended sitting in an LTB waiting room, waiting to be called as witnesses).

There has also been in excess of twenty five days of entry to the unit to “repair” or “inspect”. My roomate and I had not had any luck in finding a new place.

When we got home after the hearing, my roomate found this in the mail (Doc 288).

John had filed the L1 Application to go along with his N4 notice of June 8, 2019. The hearing date was August 6, 2019.

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