Monday April 1, 2019 – The ceiling in my bedroom collapsed due to water leaking through the roof of the building. As far as we knew, our landlord had not made any effort to fix the leaks when we reported them earlier. The ceiling over my desk collapsed, further damaging the rug and destroying some paperwork I had left out on my desk (Fig 83 and Fig 84).

There was visible mold on much of the fallen plaster and drywall (Fig 85 and Fig 86).

I notified Agostino by telephone, and later that day a Notice of Entry was delivered for the following day (Doc 280.2).

Tuesday April 2, 2019 – Agostino and Roy entered the apartment and cleaned up the mess. There were no incidents. Agostino told us they would have to wait for the roof to be fixed before the ceiling was repaired. He estimated a month for the roof to be repaired.

Wednesday April 3, 2019 – A man coming out of Richard Pollington’s unit spit at me and called me a fag. When I walked toward him, he ran away. I did not recognize that individual and have seen him only once since (as of July 2, 2020).

Saturday April 5, 2019 – Sunday April 14, 2019 – Ron Stamper challenged me to a fight several times over the week, calling me a pussy and a rat. I did not respond, nor did I record his exact words. One of those incidents began when Ron was upset that I was using the back gate on the east side of the building to access our back stairs. He told me it was “my property” and I had no business there. Since it was a common area for the building, I ignored him. Christina was with him, holding up a cell phone and recording. They were both standing inside the gate in the back yard (with Christina recording) when I opened the gate so they must have seen me approach the building.

Friday April 26, 2019 – A Notice of Entry for April 29 & 30, 2019 (Doc 280.3) was delivered by sliding it under our door. When I opened the door, Richard Pollington was standing outside the door, so I closed it.

Monday April 29, 2019 & Tuesday April 30, 2019 – Agostino and Roy worked at repairing the bedroom ceiling. Marie stayed at the apartment, I went to work. There were no incidents, other than Agostino asking Marie to pay the rent to him on May 1. He asked both days he was in the unit. Marie told him we would be paying the rent to Greenway.

Agostino appeared to have no understanding of the idea of an undertaking.

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