Chapter 26 – August 11, 2017 to September 2, 2017

On August 12, 2017 The Pollingtons had a loud, drunken “family barbeque” all day and evening. A couple of requests to Richard Pollington to hold the noise down resulted in some verbal abuse (“Fuck off, looser. We can make as much noise as we want. It’s daytime. Only fucking welfare bums sleep all day, asshole.”) directed my way, but nothing else. It was pointless to call bylaw or the police, since the noise couldn’t be heard much beyond the driveway of the building, and those calls receive a very low priority on a hot summer evening in downtown Hamilton. The party continued the next day, August 13, 2017 starting late morning and broke up in the early evening.

On August 26, 2017 and August 27, 2017 the same pattern repeated, except the drunken arguments on Saturday evening were accompanied by some loud crashes around 3 am in the stairwell leading up to our front door. By the time I got dressed and checked the hallway, no one was there. I complained to Agostino about the noise on August 27, 2017 when he stopped by the building for something. I didn’t have a camera with me at the time; I wasn’t expecting to see him. He said he would speak to Richard about the noise. When I made my complaint to Agostino, the party had ended about an hour before.

On Saturday, September 2, 2017 I had a severe headache, a migraine precursor. The usual party at the Pollington’s was louder than usual. I went downstairs and asked Richard to hold the noise down, and was told “Fuck off, you’re being evicted anyway.” Ironically, after his complaints of the odour of marijuana making him sick (Doc 77) he was holding a lit joint at the time. An hour later I had enough and opened a living room window to shout down “Hold the noise down, please.” Someone below responded “We’ll try”, then turned up the volume of the music.

So, I took a camera downstairs to record the party in the driveway. Here’s what happened:

Vid 26 – 2017-09-02 (1) Party Vids and Pollingtons Call Police – with subs

A bit later, the police arrived. The video doesn’t quite capture it, but the officer (I believe it was Richardson) who did most of the talking was displaying extremely hostile body language when I opened the door. He had one hand on his service weapon, the other on his taser and looked a bit too eager to use one or the other.

When he asked me to view the videos I’d made, I considered saying no, just on principle. I was free to refuse. But, despite the hostile body language, and the fact that his stated reason for wanting to see the videos was a blatant lie, I said yes. It was obvious that the screaming women from the first video (Jennifer Pollington/Christina Stamper) had told him he was chasing a pedophile. He looked like he half believed it at least. Once he saw the videos, things got a lot less frosty.

Vid 27 – 2017-09-02 (2) – MAH00304

This incident was the basis for Ron Stamper’s later accusations that I was a pedophile, and Christina Stamper’s claims on February 25, 2020 in a Section 810 hearing that I frequently recorded the children.

So I took the officer’s advise and made a few recordings of the noise inside our unit.

Vid 28 – 2017-09-02 (3) Party Vids from Inside Unit

Jennifer Pollington’s statement is here in two versions. The first was disclosed to me by Vidywattie Yahkni, John’s paralegal, as disclosure for SOL-84312-17 (John’s L2 eviction application):

Doc 160 – 2017-09-02 – Statement by Jennifer Pollington – SOL-84312-17

It’s very clear to me from the video that Jennifer Pollington knew that HPS will respond to any complaint involving children. Otherwise I doubt they would have responded to this complaint as a priority.

Richard Pollington’s unsigned statement about these events from his private information is here:

Doc 162 – 2017-09-02 – Statement from Unsigned (R Pollington) – Disclosure – 4711-998-19-1055

“Becky”, Richard’s grand-daughter can be seen in the video saying “I don’t want to”, when told to get inside the house by Richard Pollington Jr.

I don’t think the sight of a man holding a video camera for a few seconds (outside, in public) is traumatizing to a child. The Pollingtons continued their family parties the next summer, 2018 and for the first part of the summer of 2019 (until Jeremy Stamper was arrested the second time on July 13, 2019), so it doesn’t seem that anyone was afraid to come back to the building. In fact, Christina Stamper (also clearly visible and audible in the video) moved into the building on January 1, 2018.

Richard’s statement disclosed for his peace bond complaint adds a few words, and is signed.

Doc 161 – 2017-09-02 – Statement by Richard Pollington – Section 810 Hearing Disclosure

The General Report from Hamilton Police Services is below.

Doc 157 – 2017-09-02 – General Report No17708866 – Disclosure – 4711-998-19-1055

The Occurrence Details Report can be found below.

Doc 158 – 2017-09-02 – Occurence Details General Report and Officers Notes #17708866 – 0001

About a half hour after I recorded the videos in my unit, I called Agostino and told him if the noise continued there would be a complaint to bylaw and the police. He said he would talk to them. Ten minutes later, the music stopped, and the party moved to the yard around the vacant unit on the other side of the building (which would later be the Stampers’ unit). The noise from there was tolerable.

Christina Stamper’s sworn testimony of February 25, 2020 about these events follows:

RP: Uh, go back to September, uh, the long holiday weekend. What happened that day?
CS: We were having a family barbecue celebrating my granddaughter’s birthday, Mr Bosch continuously {indistict} filming the kids under the age of thirteen, which we called the police.
RP: What happened then?
CS: He had verbal argument with you. And the landlord. Again.He called the landlord, sorry. He called the landlord but he verbally had an argument with you in the driveway.
RP: What was the response from the police officer?
CS: They went up and spoke to Mr Bosch and Mr Bosch again was filming the officers.
RP: Uh, I think that’s about it for you I think.

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