Part 11 – May 17, 2017

John’s Notice of Entry said that he would be entering at 9 am (assuming the times given were a window for entry (ie: the period of time that they would actually be in the apartment), and not a window for time of entry (ie: An interval of time during which they would arrive); I was never able to get an answer on that point from his representative. John always does everything in a manner that creates confusion and uncertainty.)

So, at 10:50, Agostino called my roomate’s phone.

2017-05-17 – conversation with Agostino – Voice 015

At 11:03 they knocked on the door. Here’s what happened:

2017-05-17 11 26 – Agostino and Roy check repairs and measure

My roomate and I were both starting to wonder how many times they needed to measure the windows in her bedroom. It was getting ridiculous.

After they left, things were pretty quiet the rest of the day. My roomate called Agostino to get more information on the repairs to be done, but got nowhere. Agostino said he didn’t know anything about anything.

Another wasted day with very little accomplished.

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