PART XX-28 August 25, 2019

12:49 – My roomate is out of town for the weekend, but I did finally have a chance to speak to her about the circus.

She isn’t in the best of shape, to put it mildly. I had thought most of the harassment was directed at me, but it seems that Christina Stamper’s marathon car alarm test (or something equally noisy) is an everyday occurrence now. I haven’t been around the building much over the last few weeks. Complaining to bylaw or the police would be pointless (the car alarms, the banging, the slamming of doors, the loud music, the shouted conversations outside the windows and in the hallways are all transient noises. For police or bylaw to act on a noise complaint, they have to hear the noise. Even if they do hear a door slam, or loud music, or whatever, they’ll just tell the offender to keep it down. Especially if the complainant is the only one complaining, and the building superintendent swears there wasn’t any noise.

It’s time to get out. The harassment and provocation will continue. Just coming and going from the building makes me hyper vigilant and on edge. I’ve answered one of my original questions. There is no effective protection left in Hamilton for a tenant against a landlord who will resort to slumlord/douchebag tactics. The police will not help a tenant, the LTB is powerless (or unwilling) to do so, and the RHEU seems equally ineffective. Property Standards are a bad joke on the citizens of this city, and the tenants in particular.

There remains the question of whether the LTB/criminal courts will sanction such behavior. It would be nice to see some trace of rule of law in this mess.

21:30 – I went home to speak to my roomate more about this circus. As I approached the building from the south, Jeremy Stamper’s vehicle pulled out of a parking spot on the north side of the building. He backed the vehicle up about 15 m, then displayed an upraised middle finger (I think. I couldn’t see his hand, just his arm). Then he left. I don’t think Jeremy has learned a thing.

There were no incidents when I left the building, about three hours later.

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