PART XX-27 August 23-24, 2019

24 August 2019 – About 01:30 {edited on Aug 25; I got the time wrong}

I was returning to the building after spending some time at a friend’s place. It was the first time I’d been there since Jeremy Stamper’s hearing on Friday. As I approached the building from the north, I noticed a green dot of light on my chest as I was walking. I stopped walking and it stayed, centered on my chest and too steady to be a hand held laser pointer (unless it was at very close range and there wasn’t anyone on the street in sight except me).

I reached into my pocket for my phone to see if I could get a picture. The dot went out. And my phone wasn’t in my pocket (I’d left it at my friend’s place). When I took my hand out of my pocket, the dot reappeared.

I couldn’t see the beam, but the dot stayed centered on my chest as I slowly moved my hands around in front of my chest. I was trying to see which direction would shadow the beam, which would give me a clue as to the direction. It was coming from the direction of the building where I live, but there was no way to narrow it down any further.

When I put my hand on the camera clipped to my belt ( again hoping for a picture) it went out and stayed out.


I went back to my friend’s place for my phone (which was somewhere else. Not my night) and ended up staying the night.

24 Aug 2019 16:10

As I approached the building, the Stamper’s van was parked in the driveway with the motor running. I couldn’t see who was inside (the windows are heavily tinted) but I could clearly see the silhouette of a hand with an upraised middle finger. From the size of the hand, I’d guess it was Christine Stamper.

That was about an hour ago. Since then, she seems to be testing her car alarm at random intervals. Nine times, so far, and counting. I could hear Christina’s words clearly, sitting in my living room with 2 inch styrofoam insulation over the closed windows. I’ve never heard a voice as loud or as shrill as Christina Stamper’s voice. (One of the many ironies of this circus is that my comment to myself “What a mouth she has on her” on November 23, 2018 wasn’t entirely intended as an insult (mostly admiring, actually). She has the perfect drill-sergeant’s voice (when she has control of herself. Otherwise it’s incoherent noise). I hadn’t even seen Jeremy Stamper standing in the shadows of the doorway until he reacted to my comment. I was using obsolete military slang. Jeremy took it as an insult to his mother. I had no idea who the belligerent asshole in front of me was, and I know he didn’t know me. I didn’t know Ron Stamper’s name either, even though he calls me by my first name in the video. That’s one thing the cops got wrong.)

17:24 – I guess ten tests was enough to convince Christina that her car alarm worked. For the last half hour it sounds like construction going on in Pollington’s unit below.

18:00 – I left the building. As I was coming downstairs I heard the noises coming from Pollington’s apartment. When I went outside, Richard was standing by the Stamper’s side door, so it wasn’t Richard making all the noise.

Another Saturday at the circus.

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