PART XX-16 August 5, 2019

Tomorrow is the merits hearing at the LTB for our landlord’s latest eviction attempt. So, naturally, the harassment has been ramped up in the last few days. Richard Pollington, the man claiming in a private information that he is living in fear of me, accosted me yet again this evening as I was using the rear door of my apartment. Here’s what happened. As I was walking around the building, I noticed Richard Pollington following me, holding a cell phone up as though making a video. The action in the video doesn’t start until 2:35 seconds in, so you may want to skip ahead.

2019-08-05 Pollington Is Aggressive – Part 1 – Subtitled

A transcript of the conversation follows:

02:42 P: Something I can help you with Pollington?
02:45 R: Get the fuck off my property.
02:47 P: I beg your pardon?
03:58 R: You’re not supposed to be back here.
04:01 P: How else do I get to my back door, Pollington?
04:02 R: Through the front door.
04:04 P: Go fuck yourself, Pollington.
04:06 R: You’re using it as an excuse to come around here to bug me. And then…

04:08 P: Go away and stop bothering me.
04:12 R: And then you’re persisting to…
04:20 P: Pollington, this is the back door of my unit, I get to use it. Get the fuck away from me you freak.
04:21 R: You’re calling me a freak, are you?
04:22 P: Yes, I am.
04:25 R: There’s no bigger freak in this house than yourself.
04:26 P: Really.
04:27 R: Really.
04:30 P: Says the guy who busting up his life fighting a slumlord’s battles.
04:30 R: {indistinct} Mr Bosch.
04:36 P: Go away, Pollington.

These people never quit. You can ignore them, insult them, sue them and even have them charged with a crime (and found guilty), and they just keep coming.

Good thing I’m stubborn.

I really doubt John realizes what he’s walking into tomorrow morning. Section 82 of the RTA allows the tenant in an L1 application to raise any issue that might otherwise be the subject of an application before the board. We have a number of issues, including the contents of our three T2 applications, some more harassment that has happened since last amending the applications on July 4, 2019 and a rather lengthy list of maintenance issues including bedbugs.

In the last hearing for our combined applications (July 11, 2019), member Sean Henry decided the applications would not be joined after all. He would not be holding the applications and would be releasing them to be heard by other members. That would result in them being heard in whatever order they come up in the docket. That flies in the face of the point I have been trying to make to Member Henry for the last two years: This case needs to be heard chronologically, from start to finish. That decision prejudices our interests. This story can only be told that way. For once, John and I agreed.

So tomorrow, I’ll be asking for just that. We’ll see if it flies. The interesting thing is, the vice chair has instructed that no more applications be joined to the mess, but Henry has already split this mess up (or said he was). What I’m asking effectively joins them again and adds to them.

I’m well aware that the LTB does not have the resources to conduct a 5 to 7 day hearing. I’m equally aware that the reason this will take 5-7 days of hearing time is primarily due to the delays in hearing our applications. John simply continued his behavior since there were no consequences. Those delays were due to the LTB members infighting that apparently occurred when I raised some procedural fairness issues in 2017. When I know for sure, it’ll be posted here. However, my point is that the LTB is largely (not entirely) responsible for this case becoming as complex and lengthy as it has. This mess is at least partly (actually mostly) on them (with a good chunk of the blame going to sharp practice from the legal “professionals” John hired), and Member Henry said as much in the last hearing.

We’ll see how it goes.

Edit: 22:19 hrs

After posting that last bit, I decided to have another go at cleaning up the back deck. As you can see in this video, somebody trashed it in the last few days. No way to prove it, but I think this is another of our landlord’s charming ways of making us feel unwelcome.

Pollington is back at it. Here’s the video:

2019-08-05 Pollington Is Aggressive – Part 2 – subtitled

A transcript of the conversation follows:

00:50 – P: Is there something I can help you with, Mr Pollington?
00:58 – P: I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t follow me around with a camera. That’s criminal harassment.
01:00 – R: You should know better than anybody else, Paul.
01:08 – P: I beg your pardon?
01:10 – R: You’ve been on camera twenty-four seven.
01:12 – P: And?
01:14 – R: So What’s your problem?
01:17 – P: Well, you seem to have a problem with me using common areas of the building.
01:19 – R: Well I don’t want you near me.
01:20 – P: That’s your hard luck.
01:22 – R: Nowhere’s near me, Mr Bosch.
01:26 – P: Then stay away from me Mr Pollington. If you don’t want to be near me, then why do you keep approaching

01:30 – R: You’re approaching me.

01:31 – P: Really?
01:34 – R: You don’t know how much shit…you don’t know how much shit I’ve got on you.
01:40 – P: You are more than welcome to show the entire thing in the hearing, because I plan to.
01:42 – R: The minute you come in my driveway, you’re on camera.
01:44 – P: And?
01:45 – R: And. I don’t want you near my back door.
01:54 – P: Too bad. That’s the path I need to follow to get to the rear door of my unit.
01:56 – R: There’s another path over there.
01:59 – P: I don’t care to break an ankle walking over those broken cobblestones.
– R: Well I wish you would.
02:02 – P: I’ll use this one.
02:02 – R: {indistinct}
02:03 – P: What’s that? You wish I would break an ankle. Uh-huh. You know what Pollington?
02:05 – R: What Mr Bosch?
02:17 – P: I want you to stop harassing me. I want you to stop following me around with a camera. If I’m on

camera, you don’t need one in your hand.
02:25 – R: That’s right, I don’t need one in my hand. It’s for my protection because I don’t trust you as far as I

can throw you.
02:28 – P: Says the man who has lied in numerous court filings. Provable lies I might add.
02:30 – R: Is that right.
02:31 – P: Yeah.
02:31 – R: Yeah.
02:45 – P: You were dumb enough to believe, uh, John’s bullshit about pointing a camera at someone without their permission was against the law. It’s not Richard. So all of that horseshit that went on here for the first two years, that’s all admissible. It’s all admissible, and it’s all going into court.
02:50 – R: It is going to court.
02:55 – P: Yeah. So all the lies you told, those are going to come to light. I don’t blame you because I know the

asshole can kick you out and fire you on a week’s notice. But you pushed it too far.
02:55 – R: Oh I pushed it too far.
03:01 – P: Yeah, you did. So did your buddy there, or your nephew, or whatever he is…what is Jeremy Stamper to

you, anyway? Family?
03:02 – R: It’s none of your business.
03:06 – P: Oh. Okay, but you’re willing to back him up after he’s assaulted me?
03:08 – R: Assaulted you with what?
03:09 – P: A cup of coffee.
03:13 – R: A little quarter cup of coffee. which was cold…
03:15 – P: Which he was charged for.
03:16 – R: Cold for three friggin’ hours.

03:18 – P: So? It’s still an assault Pollington.
03:20 – R: Is it really?
03:22 – P: Yeah, it is actually.
03:23 – R: It was assault when you threw me out of my front door.
03:24 – P: I didn’t throw you out of your front door.
03:26 – R: Yeah, you did.
03:28 – P: The cops have the video of that.
03:31 – R: {indistict} I know they have a video of that. I have a video of it too, and it shows a whole different

03:34 – P: Okay. Then why haven’t you disclosed it?
03:37 – R: This discussion, Mr Bosch, is now over.
03:41 – P: Okay. Then stop approaching me, stay the fuck away from me.

03:43 – R: You leave, you leave my property, right here. This is my domain, right here.
03:48 – P: This is common area and I will pass through it if I choose.
03:50 – R: Get out of my face.
03:52 – P: Fuck you, and the horse you rode in on.
03:53 – R: Is that right?
03:54 – P: Yeah. That’s exactly right.
03:56 – R: Wouldn’t you just like to slap me? Wouldn’t you?
04:06 – P: No, you and your boss have been trying to provoke me to violence for a couple of years now. And yeah,

this is a camera, and it sees in the dark.
04:07 – R: So does this.
04:08 – P: Uh-huh. It doesn’t see in the dark.
04:08 – R: Oh yeah, it does.

04:10 – P: Well goody for you. You’ve got an IR camera built into your cell phone.
04:14 – R: That’s right, I do.
04:17 – P: Okay. Pollington…
04:18 – R: I got cameras around here too. {indistict}
04:19 – P: Okay.
04:20 – R: Good night Mr Bosch.
04:24 – P: Stop hassling me. Yeah, run along.

Pollington has adopted John’s tactic of trying to provoke violence. I’m sorry the camera didn’t catch his facial expression as he said “Wouldn’t you just like to slap me?” Richard didn’t realize the little box clipped to my belt is a body camera, with IR capability and very effective IR LEDs that illuminate well enough that faces are recognizable up to 20 meters (an Eknic model 64G, if you were wondering. The audio could be better, but it works well otherwise).

And I’m more certain than ever that Pollington does not understand what is going on. His statements that he has more video of the encounter on December 6, 2018 (and the inference that it will somehow prove me guilty of a crime) shows a total lack of understanding of the disclosure of evidence required, in either LTB matters or his private complaint. If he has it, he hasn’t disclosed it, which means he can’t use it.

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