Chapter 41 – Friday March 1, 2019 to Sunday March 31, 2019

The tally is at 18 hours 5 minutes of hearing time at the LTB, in 13 hearings, two by telephone, eleven in person (counting the Case Management Hearing and mediation session of May 19, 2017 as hearings). It has also used up 9 hours and 50 minutes of a mediator’s time.
There have been at least ten complaints to police (at least 6 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 9 responses, and charges being laid in one case.
Municipal Law Enforcement had also expended approximately 5 man-days (including two man days expended sitting in an LTB waiting room, waiting to be called as witnesses)

This was getting expensive for the taxpayer.

Chapter 22A – Rant: Wednesday May 27, 2020 – 100,000 and Counting…

Some rambling, semi-disjointed musings of a bemused citizen; While getting my daily dose of news about COVID-19 I saw a report on CNN that the US had surpassed 100,000 reported deaths from the virus. It brought to mind these events, from the second week of April. I distinctly recall seeing President Trump saying “Anything under …

Rant: May 23, 2020 – “We’re all in this together…until it cuts into my profits.”

Sigh. Some background: