Chapter 22A – Rant: Wednesday May 27, 2020 – 100,000 and Counting…

Some rambling, semi-disjointed musings of a bemused citizen;

While getting my daily dose of news about COVID-19 I saw a report on CNN that the US had surpassed 100,000 reported deaths from the virus. It brought to mind these events, from the second week of April. I distinctly recall seeing President Trump saying “Anything under a 100,000 deaths will be a success” {I may not have that quote exact, but the meaning was clear. 100,000 deaths or fewer would be considered a success.}

The increasingly chaotic political s#*tshow going on south of the border is beginning to have some very bad effects. President Trump continues to act like a narcissistic douchebag {which is another way of saying ‘someone suffering from NPD’}. I think that has hampered the American response to the virus. Efforts to delay ‘re-opening’ until the risk is acceptably low are met with increasing hostility. The goal posts change daily, ‘alternative facts’ are all the rage, and it has become increasingly clear that the American federal government is not functioning in the best interests of all its citizens (it’s doing pretty well for a small percentage of them).

There are a few things I’ve noticed when creating transcripts of John Cerino’s conversation:

  1. He often speaks in incomplete, disjointed sentences, which the listener completes in his mind. He frequently mumbles key words in a sentence. John will often start stating a blatant falsehood, then stop part way through and let the listener complete the lie. One example is here (from Vid 23, about 01:06:00). The transcript and commentary follow;

JC: Now Brian at West Windows, do you know Brian? He the one that makes the aluminum windows.

SW: I don’t know him.

JC: He’s around the corner on West Avenue.

SW: Okay.

JC: Anyway, he’s the only g..only guys in Hamilton.

SW: That makes wooden windows?

JC: No.

SW: Aluminum windows, right?

Mr Woods asked me on August 8, 2017 if “Brian at West Windows” really was the only guy in Hamilton who made aluminum windows (he isn’t, and I think Woods knew it. There may have been a dash of snark in that question, but Woods was deadpan). I didn’t get that part on camera; I didn’t see the point in recording all of our trivial conversation that had nothing to do with the complaint to Property Standards. (At that point, I’d volunteered John as a test case for Property Standards to a local tenants group, a few months earlier, which was the main motivation for the complaints about the building that had nothing to do with our unit. Some of them were skeptical about the Property Standards horror stories (including me). It seemed reasonable to see how much difficulty a tenant would have in getting Property Standards bylaws enforced, and I had the perfect test case. There were a LOT of property standards violations on John’s properties. So I volunteered John, and documented our complaints (which were mostly focused on ‘quality of life’ issues in maintenance) and the enforcement action. I never did report my findings to them; I ended my association with the group when I became uncomfortable with some of the tactics being discussed. They can read about it here, same as everybody else.)

John has a way of inserting a false axiom into your world view, without you realizing it. He then guides you to the conclusion he wants, letting you do the reasoning (based on that false premise). It’s a very effective form of gaslighting; the victim trusts that conclusion because they’ve reached it as a result of their own thinking (or so they think). President Trump does the same thing. Another of John’s (and Trump’s) favorite methods of creating confusion is the false analogy. They both do whatever it takes to distort reality and create doubt in others’ minds, then exploit that doubt and confusion.

2. The transcripts do not convey the full experience of John Cerino in person. Reading the transcripts frequently gives a very incomplete picture of the conversation. A lot of John’s communication is visual and non-verbal. Trump does the same thing.

It seems to me there’s some of the same pressure here in Canada to ‘open up’ again (and especially in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta). Fortunately, our Prime Minister isn’t a narcissistic sociopath. {At least, I don’t think he is. If so, he hides it well.}

On the landlord/tenant front, this article caught my interest. From the article (italics added):

When her husband attempted to perform another inspection, she said the tenant refused entry again. “We called the police. What usually happens in such a situation is the police ask the tenant to go outside. But the police turned to my husband: ‘We cannot help you. With COVID, nobody gets into the house. Do not call us again.’ And they [got] in the car and left.”

If Toronto police ‘usually…ask the tenant to go outside’ if they’ve refused a landlord entry, they’re acting outside the law. A police officer has no right whatsoever to even enter your home in that circumstance. I don’t know what happened, only this landlord’s version. But it’s easy to believe the Toronto police told him that. Police in Ontario seem to have little regard for, or knowledge of, tenants’ rights. Even if that particular tenant is acting like a shakedown artist, it isn’t a police matter. ($60k to settle is excessive. But $10k to settle really isn’t enough. A fair settlement, in this case, would be in the neighborhood of $20-$25k. I may update this post with the numbers to back that conclusion at a future date).

And there’s this post. Looks like rule of law is taking a beating.

Weird times..

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