I read in today’s Spectator that Hamilton Police Services will be launching a criminal investigation into the protest on Thursday. The following quote caught my attention:

“Our job is crime prevention,” Bergen told reporters. “And if people are feeling comfortable enough to affix graffiti or paint or anything like that onto statues or onto our roadways, that is a criminal code offence or mischief.”

That reminded me of something I’d meant to follow up on a few months ago, so I went to city hall to take a few photos.

The rest of this post is directed at Deputy Chief Bergen and Mayor Fred.

To Deputy Chief Bergen, Hamilton Police Services and Mayor Fred Eisenberger

Hi Guys! I was very happy to read Deputy Chief Bergman’s words in today’s Hamilton Spectator, because there’s something I’ve been meaning to bring up.

Chief, do you remember the rainbow crosswalks the City of Hamilton installed two summers ago? You can’t miss the one by City Hall; it’s right at the east end of the “Defund the Police” mural painted on Main Street West on Thursday.

Well, it seems some motorists are quite comfortable with slamming on the brakes while crossing them, leaving skid marks behind. I’ve seen at least a dozen five-ton or larger trucks do it, numerous smaller vehicles, and two different marked police cruisers in the last three months.

I’m not the first person to point this out. There’s no reason for any driver to apply hard brakes at that location in normal circumstances; the defacement to the crosswalks is clearly deliberate in most cases. I know, I’ve watched it. I once even pointed it out to a cop on a bicycle and gave the tag of the offending vehicle. She shrugged, and said the driver was “just expressing his opinion”. I suppose she was right.

So, the day after the “mischief” committed by the protesters (and it was mischief, technically) I thought I’d have a look at the rainbow crosswalk a few meters away from the cleanup of the “Defund the police” mural.

Here’s what it looked like, chief (you should probably have a look too, Fred):

2020-07-25 – Rainbow Crosswalk – City Hall Hamilton

Gee, that sure is a lot of skid marks, Chief. And, just like last September in Cameron Kroetsch’s article (you did click on the link above, right?), the “ladder crosswalk” just west of the rainbow crosswalk (where the stop line of the intersection is located, and where the majority of sudden stops should happen) is just fine. Here, see for yourself:

Will there be any investigation of this mischief, chief? A camera at the intersection is all it would take.

Just askin’…

Hey Fred, I’m a bit curious why nobody thought to have the crosswalk cleaned as long as the pressure washing crews were there anyway Thursday evening. Nobody thought of it?

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