Chapter 27 – September 3, 2017 to September 24, 2017

Once the party ended on September 2, 2017 it did not resume on Sunday, as I was concerned it would.

On September 4, 2017 Richard Pollington Jr was outside his father’s door in the driveway as I approached the building. He said to me as I approached “Don’t be such a fuckin’ rat”. I did not reply.

The next LTB hearing was for September 25, 2017. The pattern of escalating harassment and provocation before a hearing continued as that date approached. John was in and around the building several times in the period 5-20 September, and his voice was frequently audible over our television in the living room.

On September 22, 2017 I received two emails from John’s paralegal, Vidywattie Yahkni. The first (Doc 163) disclosed Jennifer Pollington’s statement (Doc 160) about the events of September 2, 107 (although it is dated the third of September). The second email (Doc 164), disclosed eight documents, shown below.

Doc 165 – 2017-09-21 – email to John from Property Standards

The first was an email to John from Steven Woods, the MLE officer who had replaced Donna May Lord (above). It confirmed that “the order for the windows (17-123887) has been complied with.” That was the Compliance Order written by Steve Woods for John to repair the cracked windows in Unit 1 of the 97 side of the building (Doc 153).

The next document was an invoice for a service call to John’s boiler, from an outfit I’d never heard of before, Direct Air. I’m not sure why this was disclosed.

Doc 166 – 2017-09-11 – Invoice for boiler

And another boiler invoice, also dated September 11, 2017 (Doc 67):

Doc 167 – 2017-09-11 – Invoice for boiler

I don’t know why this was disclosed either, or why the two invoices (dated the same day) weren’t simply written up as one.

The next document was an invoice for the polycarbonate replacement for the window glass (Doc 168). The date of the invoice, May 16, 2017, shows that John did not purchase the materials needed for the windows until 16 days after the original deadline for the job.

Document 168 – 2017-05-16 – Invoice for Polycarbonate

The next document was another invoice for polycarbonate, this time dated May 4, 2017 (Doc 169). John purchased a single pane four days after the original deadline of April 30, 2017.

Document 169 – 2017-05-04 – Invoice for Polycarbonate

And one more piece of polycarbonate purchased on August 14, 2017(Doc 170):

Doc 170 – 2017-08-14 – Invoice for Polycarbonate

There was also an invoice for the storm windows, dated June 1, 2017 (Doc 171). Those storm windows were originally supposed to be installed by April 30, 2017. An extension was given to May 31, 2017. John did not purchase the windows until the day after his second deadline, when it became apparent that he would not be getting another extension. He was hoping we’d be out of the unit, and he could ignore the rest of the work.

Doc 171 – 2017-06-01 – Invoice for Storm Windows

Finally, there was this (Doc 172):

Doc 172 – 2017-07-18 – Invoice for Sand

John had mixed some of this sand with the paint on the front deck to provide traction. It wasn’t very effective but it was better than nothing, and more than John had to do.

The morning before the hearing, September 24, 2017, I took a few pictures of the maintenance deficiencies to use in the hearing. Most were taken inside our apartment, but I took a few of the back stairs and fire escapes. I’d planned to use the one below to explain to an adjudicator why Mr Pollington’s concerns about us “walking by and peeking in his window” were ridiculous. His window is right next to the stairs.

Fig 52 – 2017-09-24 – rear stairs – IMG_4624

Richard called me a “Fucking fag cunt” about five seconds after this photograph was taken. He shouted it up the stairs, then went behind the building.

During the night of September 24, 2017, there was a lot of noise coming from Richard’s unit.

There was an LTB hearing the next day.

Doc 173 – 2017-09-25 – Hearing Notice – SOT-77620-16
Doc 174 – 2017-09-25 – Hearing Notice – SOT-80393-17

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