Part 21 – August 1, 2017

I didn’t bother to contact John’s paralegal about the Notice. It hadn’t done any good to this point.

As usual, John was late. At 10:35 there was a knock on our door. I answered it. Here’s what happened:

2017-08-01 1040-1218 Rent is paid and Entry to unit and repairs

We had to switch cameras after the battery was low in one.

2017-08-01 1221-1435

There is a lot going on in these videos and I will post a more detailed analysis at a later date. At the very least, John was finally doing some real work, rather than focusing on antagonism and provocation. He is far better behaved on camera than off. John’s assault of me on July 18, 2017 had proven the necessity of recording videos whenever John was in or around our apartment. There are numerous instances of John acting in a provocative and/or antagonistic manner. He’s also very condescending, something particularly offensive to both my roomate and myself in out own home.

Note that John gives Agostino instruction about the quarter-round in the hallway by the front door. John will give Agostino nearly identical instructions the next day, as part of a show for a Property Standards officer (Steve Woods).

There was no reason for Richard Pollington to be there at the door with John and Agostino. John always brings a crowd with him.

The kitchen floor was repaired in under three hours, not the seven days John had claimed the job would take on February 1, 2017.

My conversation with the Property Standards officer, Steve Woods, who called me early in the video is here:

2017-08-01 – Woods calls Bosch while John in unit – 2017_08_01_11_02_19055462424_In.mp3

So at the end of three hours of John’s antagonistic behavior, the kitchen floor was finally fixed. At the end of the video, Agostino says he’s had enough of his brother for the day, and tells us they’re done for the day. The Notice of Entry specified a window for entry (if that’s what it was) of 10 am to 5 pm. They quit for the day at 2:40 pm. I don’t really blame Agostino, I had endured enough of John’s behavior for the day myself.

Agostino had called it quits early before (on May 16, 2017, June 1, 2017 and June 2, 2017) because he couldn’t tolerate his brother. Agostino would say things (off camera) that indicated John had problems working with anyone on a job site. Any tradesmen watching these videos would immediately recognize why. John is utterly incompetent at organizing a job, doesn’t appear to do any pre-planning, and is antagonistic, contradictory and confusing at all times.

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