Part 18 – July 18, 2017

John’s last notice of entry said he would begin work at 10 am, the time the meeting with Councillor Farr was scheduled. I had some hopes that John would be his usual self, but doubted he would be that stupid.

At 9:45 John’s truck pulled up to the street in front of the property. A few minutes later, Lynne Shewfelt walked up to him and spoke to him briefly. John appeared angered at what she said, and stared at the front of the building for a few minutes after she finished speaking to him. He did not try to enter the apartment.

At 10:05 I received a phone call from Maureen Scally saying that Farr was “on the way”. When I asked for an ETA she became a bit abrupt.

2017-07-18 1005 – Scally calls Bosch about Farr Running Late – 2017_07_18_10_05_19055462424_In.mp3

Apparently, Farr’s staff had told him the meeting was at his office in city hall, despite my having confirmed the details the night before via email.

Farr walked up to the front of the building at 10:30, spoke to John for a couple of minutes, then rang the door bell. I started recording then.

The recording of our meeting is here:

2017-07-18 – Meeting with Farr and Shewfelt – rec_20170718-1102

During the meeting, Shewfelt informed us that the windows passed minimum maintenance standards (which I found a bit incredible, since the materials used did not conform to the OBC, and there was a clearly visible two inch gap left in one of the windows.) After Farr left at 11:00, my roomate and I waited for John and his crew to enter our apartment. They were on the grounds, but nobody came to our door.

By 11:45, I was getting tired of waiting, so I went on to the landing in front of our door, I told my roomate “I’m going to see if the douchebag is coming in or not”. John was standing at the bottom of the stairs (out of sight) and overheard the remark. He responded with “Who’re you calling a douchebag?” I began recording at that point, as he was coming up the stairs:

The recording is here:


As John was saying “I think he’s a very cute person”, he was poking me in the chest. He was also (somehow) spraying my face with spit as he made the smooching sounds. I don’t know how he did that, and haven’t been able to duplicate it (I’ve tried). I believe he was trying to provoke violence. He was incredibly antagonistic the entire conversation.

I left, then walked over to City Hall.

Later, I emailed the paralegal, Vidywattie Yahkni.

2017-07-18 – Gmail – Re_ SOT-77620-16 and SOT-80-393-17.pdf

The relevant parts of that email follow:

Attached are copies of the Notices of Entry Mr Cerino has served us. The current notice is page 15.
There are some issues with this notice. While we recognize that Me Cerino has rights as a landlord his behavior has long since crossed the line into harassment. This document appears provocative and inflammatory.

1) Mr Cerino appears unaware that we have the right to record what we choose in our home. If Mr Cerino chooses not to enter because of the cameras, that is his choice.
2) The phrase “as well as the other work that is needed to be addressed to the unit” is vague. If Mr Cerino specifies exactly what work, we will have no objection to those areas of the apartment being accessed. However, the wording raises concerns, particularly in light of Mr Cerino’s comments on February 22, 2017 and the ongoing LTB application against your client. 
3) We will speak to whom we choose in our own home.

4) The time of entry is a seven hour window.
Mr Cerino has, without exception, acted as an aggressive, antagonistic bully on every occasion he has entered or been working around our unit. He insists on conducting the repairs in person, then acts in a manner that is disruptive to the work being done in a timely manner. 
Mr Cerino’s co-landlord, Agostino, is welcome into the unit to do repairs. Agostino has acted alone as the landlord in previous LTB matters for 99 East Ave S, is not disruptive, insulting or antagonistic, and is a perfectly reasonable alternative to John Cerino entering our unit.

I invite you to contact me in a timely manner to discuss these issues.


Ms Yaknhi;

Further to our telephone conversation earlier today, please be advised that Mr Cerino was being physically aggressive while on the phone with you, violated my personal space, spit in my face while talking, and twice placed a hand on my chest. It was at that time I was swearing at him.
While I am aware that your client’s actions were an assault, the only witness was Agostino, who has already demonstrated his willingness to be untruthful on his brother’s behalf.

After sending the email I went to City Hall to attend an ACORN rally. I also considered contacting police and making a complaint of assault against John. I didn’t think charges would be laid (the only witness was Agostino, and there was only audio of the assault, no video.) It was, nevertheless, an assault, and taking into consideration the LTB applications we had and the fact that John and his crew were becoming incresingly unstable and provocative, it seemed prudent to document the incident and make a complaint. So eventually I did.

It took the cops several days to get back to me.

The emails to Constable Majewski are here:

2017-07-26 – Gmail – Incident #17-670910.pdf

I also made a complaint to the RHEU (Rental Housing Enforcement Unit). The recordings of my telephone conversations with the enforcement officer will be posted when edited for personal information. She wasn’t much help, but did promise to send John a letter reminding him of the fines for the provincial offences I was alleging he was committing.

The emails to the RHEU are here:

2017-07-20 – Gmail – Re_ File # 17-362716847.pdf

My notes for the day are here:

2017-07-18 – Gmail – Notes for 2017-07-18.pdf

They read:

10:05 – Maureen called to let us know “they are on the way”. When asked if an ETA was known, she got snotty.10:35 – Councillor Farr and Lynne Shewfelt arrived, explained the delay as “I thought we were meeting at City Hall.” Recorded. 11:40 – Cerino entered. Recorded. Afterwards, I went downstairs to explain the situation to John. He became physically aggressive during the conversation (recorded, see emails to paralegal earlier today).12:15-13:00 – attended rally at city hall (Acorn). 

My roomate’s notes for the day are here:

The Occurence Report for Incident ##17-670910 (my complaint to HPS about the assault) is here:


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