Part 15 – June 26, 27 & 28, 2017

We had invited a few friends over for Monday, June 26, 2017 and hadn’t received John’s Notice in time to change our plans, so we had a few witnesses on hand for John’s circus this time.

Around 10:10 I noticed Agostino’s vehicle come onto the property, and went downstairs to speak with him.

2017-06-26-1014 – Conversation with Peter and Agostino

We became aware that John was on the property when one of our guests went to use the washroom. It’s at the other end of the unit from the living room, so noise doesn’t carry from the washroom to the living room. John had already started work on the window, removing the sill from the outside.

At 11:50, John shouted through the window that he would be working on “bedroom windows” the next day. When I asked for clarification as to which bedroom, he did not answer.

At 12:15, John appeared on a ladder outside the living room windows. Our guests were in the living room at the time. John complained loudly that we were interfering with the work (he was outside on a ladder at the time). After hearing him complain for 10 minutes, I told him to be specific about the areas to which he needed access on his Notices of Entry when he came back into the unit.

2017-06-26-1235 – John is told by Peter to give proper notice of entry

John is argumentative, antagonistic, and talks over me the whole time.

Around 13:15 John began twisting and bending a small screen in one of the windows that belonged to my roomate. She took the screen out of his hand, and pulled it inside to prevent further damage to it. When she did, John was on the ladder below the window, reaching for the screen. He opened the window, screamed “You could’ve taken my fingers!”.

That incident was documented in a statement by our witness.

The landlord and his crew packed up and left around 15:50.

I kept notes during the day:

On June 27, 2017 my roomate was at the apartment alone. Work began outside at 10:30 am. John left shortly after (it had begun to rain) and gave Agostino instructions to call him when the rain stopped. It rained for about 10 minutes, then Agostino worked on living room windows alone. He stopped work around noon. My roomate called a bit later:

2017-06-27 1316 Ball call about them being finished or not

Agostino left at about 16:30. My roomate kept notes:

While this was going on, I was at City Hall, speaking to James McCleary from the Mayor’s office.

On June 28, 2017 work began at 10:30. I was at the apartment, my roomate was away for the day.

At 10:48 John waved at me while on a ladder outside the living room window, the shouted “He’s making faces at me!” to someone below. I closed the curtains on that window and left the room. AT 11:20, John was on a ladder in a different window in the living room. I was in my bedroom, not the living room. I heard John shout “He’s making faces again!”, and entered the living room. As I did, John saw me, grabbed his crotch and shouted “He’s staring at my crotch. I think he wants to suck it.” I closed all the curtains in the living room.

At 13:50 Agostino entered the unit with Richard Pollington. Agostino asked at the door if it was okay for Richard to enter with him, as he had not been able to get anyone else that day. I told Agostino I would rather not have a douchebag in my house, but under the circumstances I could tolerate it. I then asked Agostino if he smelled marijuana on the way in. Agostino replied, “I can’t smell anything. Even if I could, it would be none of my business”.

At 16:04 Agostino informed me that they were done for the day, but was immediately overruled by John. They stayed another 20 minutes to install a storm window on the spare bedroom.

My notes for the day are here:

Over the past three days, Agostino and John had done relatively little work. The frames of the living room windows had been covered with sheet metal, and all but one storm windows had been installed. The storm window meant for the kitchen window was never installed. It would have been difficult to get ladders in place to replace it; the job should have been done with scaffolding. John didn’t bother; he installed the storm window on the bathroom window of Cora Williams unit. The storm window on the kitchen window was not repaired.

2017-06-28 (R) IMG_4465 – Copy
2017-06-28 08 34 (R) – IMG_4467 – Copy

The sheet metal work is, to put it mildly, awful. A first year apprentice could have done better (and we have one at the company where I work that can). John consistently displays a very low standard of workmanship.

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