Part 14 – June 3-June 25, 2017

After John and the looney crew left on June 2, 2017 things were quiet for a few days, aside from Richard Pollington becoming increasingly antagonistic. He would shout “cocksucker” or “idiot” or “welfare bum” at me as I would enter or exit the building. He’d usually make his comment, then duck insode whatever door was closest.

June 4, 2017 around 6:10 pm – Richard Pollington gave me the finger and shouted “cocksucker” at me on the front deck of the building then went in the front door of the building. I did not answer.

June 5, 2017 around 5 pm, Richard Polington shouted “You’re a fucking idiot” as I was coming down the back stairs of the apartment. I stopped, and said “Please move, Sir. I need to get through”. He stood at the bottom of the stairs until I started downstairs, then went into the side door of his apartment.

On June 8, 2017 Richard Pollington threw a rock in my direction as I approached the building from the west side. He then said “You’re a cocksucking welfare bum. Pay your rent.” as he stood in the front door of the building. He stepped aside when I continued towards the door. I did not answer him.

On June 12, 2017 we received another Notice of Entry for June 14, 2017, delivered by Agostino.

That brings the total to 17 days of entry on 8 separate Notices of Entry.

On June 14, 2017 at 10:18, Agostino called my roomate’s phone to let us know he was on the property. He started work on the bathroom window, alone. My roomate asked him for three gallons of primer to begin painting the living room and to open the attic windows to alleviate the heat radiating into our unit from above. Agostino agreed to both, and dropped of three gallons of primer at 12:56. He did not enter our unit.

On June 15, 2017 Donna May Lord came to our apartment and inspected the work. She was condescending, blamed my roomate and I for the delay in the work, and stated that if we had just “let the landlord in without a fuss” there would have been no delay. She was under the impression that John had been refused access on May 15, 16 and 17 2017. She was not interested in viewing the videos of John’s entries. She also stated that John had been refused access to the unit since May 17, 2017 but would not provide a date.

My roomate’s notes read:

On this date Donna May lord of the bylaw office of Hamilton Ont came at my request to see the work me and my roommates landlords had done and if it met up to code, here is how that said meet went. 

Donna May knocked on my door and I answered it, as soon as she came in I took her over to my open windows in the living room and showed her the bottom of each window pane with chew up edges were the wood had holes in it and chunks missing and made the point that there is no way with the damage done that these could or would seal to keep cold out and she said they are fine. I then took Donna May to my bedroom and showed her the window right off and the fact that it is so thin that as I put my spread out hand in the middle of it I could wiggle it back and forth. I told her it does this when the wind hits it and will not keep out the cold and the land lord still has not put in screens, I ask her when the order is going to be enforced cause it sure is not as this is the middle of June and I am still rigging up screens for all my windows. The fact that it is a month and a half past the April 30 dead line is bull and do not tell me it is because he cannot get he has been in three times as of late.

 Donna May tell it is being enforced and she is prof, and that the plexi glass is legal and he does not have to put aluminum windows back on if he does not want.

At this I ask what I have to freeze all winter cause three out of the four pains of galas in my windows are now this plexi glass, are you kidding me, that is nuts.

Donna May then tell me if it is too cold this winter to call in a heat complaint.

I ask her why so she can give him to April 30 and not inforce it again and all the while I get to freeze in my apt again, how is it I get to live in substandard housing that she would not live. What a joke this is, is my next comment after all of this. As she is walking out I ask her how much he is paying her cause as an ex super I have seen bylaw land all over owners for being a week over yet he is a month and half over and nothing.

  Donna  May states that is not the case because her job is not worth that.

      To that I answer that I will be going over her head.

  She tells me I know who her supervisor is.

To that I inform her I will be going much higher than that and show her out the door.

So, on June 16, 2017 I sent an email to Kim McCoombes (Lynne Shewfelt’s supervisor), with a copy to the mayor’s office, Jason Farr (Ward 3 City Councillor), and Lynne Shewfelt (Donna May Lord’s supervisor), .

I also went to City Hall and complained in person. Loudly.

Apparently, those complaints had some effect:

Very little progress had been made on the windows. My roomate’s bedroom windows were less than half finished, the kitchen window had been ignored (aside from replacing the cracked panes):

the living room windows looked the same as they had since we moved in:

and the window in my bedroom had been ignored:

On June 25, 2017 at 14:30, we received a Notice of Entry delivered by sliding it under our door.

That brings the total to 20 days of entry on 9 separate Notices of Entry.

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