Part 12 – May 18-30, 2017

During this period, I had some conversations with city officials about the mess. I’ll fill in the details of that fiasco in other posts. To sum it up, the City of Hamilton is massively uninterested in the problem it has with slumlords.

On May 19, 2017 we attended a mediation session at the LTB offices at 119 King St W, Hamilton. Ms Rossiter was the mediator, and we had an entire hearing room to ourselves for the hearing (one of the two available in those offices). To make a long story short, it was a wasted day. However, Ms Yahkni did get to see and hear enough of the videos to understand what was going on. When the recording fro Feb 22, 2017 was played, Ms Rossiter looked at Yahkni and said “I agree that the Notice was insufficient for what he wanted”. She also had a few sharp words about John’s theory that pointing a camera at him in our own home was harassment. AT the end of the hearing, she spoke to John by telephone. When she came back she looked a bit unsettled, and we were informed that John was making an offer of $100 to settle, as long as we moved out. We declined. We did have some discussion with his paralegal, and had agreement that John would be specific about times of entry and areas in the apartment to be repaired. Or so we thought.

That brings the total of LTB resources expended to 5 hearings, using 3 hours 30 minutes of a member’s time, and 4 hours 30 minutes of a mediator’s time.

On May 25, 2017, two notices were delivered by sliding them under our front door. The first was an N4 for the unpaid rent (it was unpaid as a result of John trying to renege on our agreement that he would pay the increased electricity costs). Since it was for the correct amount (not the $500 John had insisted he was owed), we planned to just pay it and be done. At least John would not have an excuse to claim we were “behind on the rent”.

Unlike the one we were served in January 2017, this one listed John Cerino as the landlord, not Agostino.

The other notice, an N5, wasn’t entirely unexpected.

The documents stapled to this notice were interesting:

The “witness” to this statement is John Cerino. That might explain the screaming and ranting we’d heard on February 24 and 25 around the building. John might have coerced this statement from Richard. Or may be gave it voluntarily. Richard Pollington has since claimed to be illiterate, so he may not have even read it.

The statement has a few problems. It does not mention that Richard Pollington is the building superintendent, and Mr Pollington (or, more likely, John Cerino) speaks for his roomates in it. George (Richard’s brother) isn’t afraid of me (he doesn’t even understand what’s going on. George is cognitively challenged.)

Some pictures had been taken of the exterior of the building that included portions of Mr Pollington’s apartment, and I had knocked on Richard Pollington’s side door (at his request) any number of times. To do that, I had to go on the porch. Any odour of marijuana in the front hallway did not come from our unit, and I had never noticed any before then. Richard had been in the same room as his son who was smoking a joint, so I didn’t buy that it made him ill, even if it existed. I really don’t know what he means by “spying” but sometimes we did indeed look out our windows.

There was another statement from Richard, dated the next day (February 25, 2017) that repeats a lot of this.

And a copy of the Occurrence Report from April 7, 2017 (previously posted):

On May 26, 2017, Lynne Shewfelt finally returned my calls.

2017-05-26 13_01__In – Conversation – Shewfelt, Bosch, Ball

Ms Shewfelt’s position is not entirely rational, to my eyes at least. (NTS: Go into details).

On May 30, 2017, around 7 pm, a Notice of Entry was delivered by Agostino.

2017-06-01 – Notice of Entry – IMG_20170530_191942050-edited for blog

This Notice has the same problems as the last one. Neither John nor his representative honored her commitment to specifics in the Notices.

That isn’t surprising in John’s case; a sociopath has no honor. In Ms Yahkni’s case, it was one of the first indications I had that she has none either.

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