Part 9 – May 15, 2017

On May 15, 2017, around 9 am we noticed John’s vehicle parked on the street in front of the building.

My roomate and I had prepared the unit as best we could without knowing the areas John needed to access. We had cleared the area around windows throughout the entire unit, which was a lot of work (all for nothing, as it turned out).

I’ll fill in the details of our landlord’s gaslighting douchebaggery a bit later, but around 11:30 am there was a knock on our front door. My roomate had a migraine (she was still functional) so I answered the door and she ran one of the cameras, sitting in the loveseat facing the door. It was Lynne Shewfelt and Donna May Lord. My roomate and I spoke to them for a few minutes.

2017-05-15 – Conversation Shewfelt, Bosch, Lord, Roomate

A transcript of the conversation follows: PB is me, DML is Donna May Lord and LS is Lynne Shewfelt.

PB: …when she spoke to her and you said that you would be along to make sure that he got in.
DML: Yes. Yeah.

LS: Well no, not, we’re not here to make sure anybody gets in.
Roomate: Well that was Donna May’s words to me.
LS: Well you know what? That…that wasn’t the intent. The uh…the intent is here just to see that the work…if the landlord can’t get in…if the landlord can’t get in to do the work then our job is done here. We had…we had…
Roomate: The only objection was John. His co-landlord could get in.

LS: But let’s…but here’s…but here’s the issue. We can’t enforce the bylaw, we can’t enforce this work if the landlord can’t get in to get it done.
Roomate: But his co-landlord could. He did not…

PB: ‘K, Marie this is… this is not by-law’s concern.
LS: We…we can’t get involved here in this so this…if it is a dispute between you and your landlord, we can’t get involved. What we can do is enforce this order. Right?

PB: All right.

LS: We’d like to see everybody get along, and get the work done, but if that can’t happen then…you know there’s no more wor…we can’t get involved and we’re not going to get involved.
PB: All right.
LS: We would…we would like to see co-operation on both sides and we’re speaking to the landlord that way as well.
Roomate: I’d like to see your officers let people speak and be a little more polite too.
LS: In which way.

Roomate: I tried to speak to Miss Lord to explain something three times in a phone call and I was cut off three times. And I had to get rather terse to be heard the fourth time. And I actually have a witness to that.
LS: So what is it…what were you…
Roomate: I was trying to explain that that Friday the 19th was not a good day and as soon as I got Friday out I got jumped….verbally, that Friday they weren’t coming in, they were coming in Monday and I wasn’t even allowed to finish my thought. Three times in a row.

LS: You now what? I understand that. If you could understand for a moment that sometimes we…
Roomate: You know, and your officers need to let people explain instead of cutting them off.

PB: Marie…Marie. Let her speak please.
LS: No, no. And I understand…I understand that it… I’m…if you could understand for a moment that sometimes even us…even we have bad days.

Roomate: Yeah, I’m an ex super.
LS: Sometimes we get…we’re getting it from both ends as well. She’s getting it from me…and she’s
Roomate: Yeah I’m an ex super.

LS:…getting it from other people on the phone. You know, sometimes we loose our patience as well.
Roomate: And you know, usually there’s an apology that follows and you know that’s just good business etiquette.

LS: I’m…I’m sure she did.
DML: I believe I did apol…I did apologize.
Roomate: No you didn’t.
DLM: I did.
LS: I’m sure.
DLM: I did. Yeah.

PB: All right, rather than get into a discussion of what was said, we’ll accept that if there was any discourtesy it was unintentional.
LS: We do.

PB: Now…
LS: So if you’d permit us to go back downstairs and speak to the landlord, we’d like to see that the windows get done. It would be good for you and for and…then we can discuss any of the other issues that we can enforce under the Property Standards bylaw and issue any orders that can get this work done.
PB: That’s what we’ve been trying to do.
LS: Well great. Great. So…so…if you want…if he…if he comes and does that we can talk about that while that’s being done.
Roomate: Okay.
LS: Okay, great. We’ll be back.


I believe my roomate when she says Donna May Lord had never apologized. Ms Shewfelt appeared to me to be under the influence of an intoxicant. Her eyes were slightly bloodshot, her speech was somewhat disjointed and confused and she appeared extremely ill at ease. It’s possible that intoxicant (if any) was prescribed medication. I don’t know. All I do know is that my first thought when I saw her was “This woman is high”. It wasn’t the only time I had that thought when dealing with Ms Shewfelt.

Then they went downstairs and came back with John and Agostino. The video of that conversation is below.

2017-05-15 – JC AC LS DML john enters and leaves

A transcript of the conversation follows:

JC: the order.
PB: Our question is to what areas of the apartment does he need access?
JC; Whatever the work is necessary. All the windows have to be checked for cracks and broken. So we’re gonna check all the windows, measure the windows and do what we have to do.
PB: Okay. Just the windows?

JC: And other work, whatever we complete, we get stalled on one job we’ll do work on the next job. So I can’t…all the work that’s required…
AC: Has to be done.

JC: Is gonna be done in whatever stages it needs to be done. So we have to go get to work.
PB: Okay, so you’re asking…
LS: The windows are what we’re here for today.

JC: That’s the last question. The order says
PB: Just to be clear Mr Cerino…
LS: The windows are what we are here for today. Nothing else.

LS: And this is where…this is where…this is where there’s a breakdown. Don’t get upset this is where there’s a breakdown. The windows…

JC: I’m tryin’ to go to work. He’s stalling me from the work. He wants the rug changed which is another job.
LS: He didn’t…did he say that?
JC; No no, no no. It’s there in the order.

JC: In the…
DML: It’s not in our order.
LS: But it’s not in our order sir.

LS: That’s got nothing to do with what’s on our order. The windows only.
JC: So I can go in every room to fix the windows.
LS: Okay
JC: Each and every room.

LS: And this sort of stuff happens….trust me, we walk away. Right? That’s it. So you need to…
JC: I am addressing this. But I have to go in every single room and check every single window.

DLM: Okay
LS: Okay. And that was put on the uh…24 hour notice right?
JC: I already told them that.

DML: When I said that you had to access everything in the uh…every room in the window.
PB: All right.
DLM: Or in the uh…or in the apartment.

PB: The uh…the question we have is about uh…from your notice of entry it says that we will be doing the work that is required to repair the issues on the work order by property standards.

DLM: Right.
PB: Now, my understanding is that includes the windows
DLM: Yes.
PB: The front and back door.

JC: The front door and back door have already been done already.
AC: The back door
PB: Those issues were on the work order. So the windows, the front and back doors, if any repairs need doing, the toilet.
AC: Oh, that’s been done.
PB: Okay. And uh…what was the other thing.

Roomate: The bedroom doors.
PB: The bedroom doors.
AC: The bedroom doors are done.
PB: Okay.

JC: windows. Why are we talking? Windows.
PB: Okay.

JC: I’m tryin’ to get started.
LS: I know.

JC: Half hour we’ve been talking about work I have to do.
PB: Mr Cerino we simply want to be clear about your intentions.
JC: Can I do my job? Can I please do my job?

LS: Yeah but I thought we weren’t going to be discussing anything.
JC: I’m not I’m here to do my job.
LS: Yes you can do the windows.

JC: He’s discussing right…

PB: All right. Mr Cerino you will be allowed access to windows only. If you display any of the abusive behaviour tha you have in the past, you will be asked to leave the unit.
JC: And I’m asking you not to talk to me while I’m doing the work.
PB: Mr Cerino if we…
JC: I’m asking you not to talk to me or my brother while we’re doing the work in the unit.
DML: Right.
PB: We will not speak to you unnecessarily, sir.
JC: That isn’t what I s…that isn’t…I’m asking you not to speak to me or my brother while we are in the unit.
JC: Mr Cerino we will speak to whomever we choose in our home.

DML: Is there any reason why you need to speak with him?
Roomate: Yes. He needs to let us know when he needs in the one bedroom where the animals are so we can move them.

DML: But that’s, but that…we’re not going to engage in any…any conversation. It’s just, okay, now I need to get into the bedroom.
PB: As…as…
DML: That’s all…all you need to talk to him about.

DLM: Is that it? Can…
PB: As I said Ms Lord, we will limit communication to him to necessary speech only, but we will speak to whom we choose in our own home.

JC: We w…we wish not to speak to you.
LS: That’s fair enough, right?
PB: So noted. You may come in sir. Now Agostino, are you coming in?

AC: Of course I am. I have to work.
JC: I need him to hold the ladder.
PB: Are there any other individuals enter…
JC: Not right now but there might be later.

PB: If there are, please have them check with Marie or myself…
JC: uh huh
PB: …before they enter our unit.
JC: Absolutely, they’ll be coming in with us.

JC: We will bring them in , so they be not in the presence of us whenever we’re here. They’re our workers. Can we go work?

LS: Go ahead. Thank you.
JC: Excuse me. Did I say excuse me?
AC: Thank you.
Roomate: Uh…Donna M…
PB: Oh.

PB: Sorry, did you…will you come in?
LS: Did you want to talk to us about something?
PB: Ah, I would, but I think, uh, another time may be appropriate. I’d like to keep an eye on things.

Roomate: It’s okay. Go, talk to them.
JC: So this is one window…
PB: You got it?
Roomate: Yup

JC: …to measure.
AC: You mind not recording me please?
Roomate: It’s my right.
AC: It’s your right?

JC: I put on there not to record. They’ve alr…they’ve already gone against what we had. Go get the police. Go get ’em before they drive off, Auggy.
AC: I will.
JC: Excuse me.


Donna May Lord’s contempt for the idea that this is our home (not John’s) is a bit hard to take. It shouldn’t have been necessary for me to repeat that we would speak to whom we chose in our own home. It’s our home. The Property Standards officials I have had dealings with over the last three years are almost all like that. They serve the taxpayer, not the citizens. Low income tenants are merely citizens, not taxpayers. The landlord is a taxpayer.

The klanging sound you hear during the conversation is John Cerino using the ladder as a noisemaker. You’ll see videos of Agostino carrying that same ladder (identifiable from the paint stains). It doesn’t make a sound when Agostino carries it, but John uses it as a distraction and to add confusion to the situation. John clangs away while Shewfelt is talking. I doubt John heard a word she said. When John enters the apartment, he uses the ladder quite aggressively, shoving it in my face, and following when I stepped back. John’s version of “excuse me” is another example of his antagonistic behavior.

As John and Agostino had gone into the bedroom to begin work, I had moved into the kitchen with Lynne Shewfelt and Donna May Lord and continued our conversation (recorded separately in audio). The two MLE officers did not witness the events in the bedroom, nor were they aware John and Agostino had left when the three of us returned to the living room area about three minutes after John and Agostino had left.

Once the three of us had returned to the living room, and Shewfelt and Lord were made aware that the Cerinos had left, they went into the hallway in front of our unit where John and Agostino were waiting. We closed the door behind them.

About two minutes later, a loud and angry voice could be heard from the hallway. Individual words were muffled, but there was no doubt it was John screaming in the hallway. I opened the door to ask John to hold it down, and was surprised to see the two MLE officers standing there with John and Agostino.

I asked them to have the conversation somewhere else. Shewfelt did not reply, but John loudly and belligerently demanded “Do you own the hallway?” Agostino chimed in. Shewfelt was saying something in reply to John when I closed the door. The noise stopped a short time later, and I could hear someone stomping their way down the stairs.

The audio recording made on my cell phone of the entire time is here:

{insert 2017-05-15 – Conversation with Bylaw before entry by John (audio)}

The video just below is the same one as above, but with the audio from my cell phone recording instead of the camera audio. At the point that my roomate begins to record John and Agostino in the bedroom, the video diverges from the recorded audio. At that time I was going into the kitchen with both MLE officers. My roomate had the camera shown in the lower left of the screen, the other camera was held by a friend of my roomate (who is briefly visible in the other camera). John always traveled with a crowd, and we were prepared to record multiple incidents simultaneously if necessary.

2017-05-15 – entry with bylaw (2 cameras, audio from Peters cell phone)

A while later I noticed two police cruisers pull up in front of the building, so I went down to see what was going on. Here’s what happened:

The video posted here starts a short time after I started the camera.

2017-05-15 – John Cerino makes complaint to police

There are many points to note about John’s statement to police.

  1. Fill in points. Enumerate falsehoods, exaggerations and manipulative techniques. Also point out the Allcroft’s advice to John is criminal (when he advises John to come back with a camera). The cops keep giving advice to these douchebags that is either legally questionable, or appears to be advice on how to annoy us without breaking the law.
  2. Some commentary on Allcroft’s douchebaggery is in order here. (NTS: Include some history about Allcroft, or just let the reader decide from the video?)
  3. Some commentary on John’s apparent (and feigned) ignorance of landlord tenant law is in order here.
  4. Some commentary on Allcroft’s ignorance of landlord tenant law is in order. It’s a general problem with cops, not just him.

The Occurrence Details Report is here:

Allcroft makes a few mistakes in this report, starting with the second sentence. There is a recurring theme of occurrence reports that contain inaccuracies, distortions and outright misrepresentation of what was said to police in this whole mess.

So, fifteen days after the deadline on the compliance order for John to fix the windows, they weren’t fixed. John had made no good faith effort to even begin the job. The whole day had been wasted, along with roughly 3.5 man hours of HPS time, another eight to ten hours of MLE’s man hours with no progress whatsoever on the repairs.

Dealing with a narcissistic sociopath is a bitch.

Some of the comments John had made to Allcroft concerned me (and my roomate). Neither of us had any particular desire to be filmed by John while in our home, or to give John the opportunity to record personal information. So, a bit later that evening, I emailed John’s representative, Vidywattie Yahkni.

After I sent the email. I disposed of the garbage John had left behind when he left. John has zero respect for our home.

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