PART XX-25 August 21, 2019

A day off work, so I went home from a friend’s place around 12:30. There was someone fiddling with the gate on the side of the building, so I went back to see who it was (I could only see the guy from behind and at a distance).

It turned out to be Agostino. As I approached the building, Jeremy Stamper was on the porch. I didn’t see him until he went inside, with the usual upraised middle finger (this time held behind his back as he opened the door).

However (aside from the upraised middle finger), there’s nothing in Jeremy Stamper’s Recognizance of Bail that prevents him from doing what he did. Well, actually one could argue that he violated the third condition, but why bother? He’s got enough on his plate at the moment. But the same pattern of behaviour as last time is starting all over again.

This time, I’d thought to ask for a copy of his conditions. Note the distribution list at the bottom of the form. VWAP is the Victim-Witness Assistance Program. Other than that, there seems to be no notification of the victim of a crime. It seems sensible that the victim be to be informed of the accused’s conditions in every case (or at least often enough for “victim” (or even “complainant”) to be on the distribution list), but apparently that isn’t how it’s done.

Veering off topic a bit, I have found two working Bell payphones in Hamilton. One is located at the corner of Prospect and Maplewood. There’s a loud buzzing in the receiver, but there’s a dial tone (I think).

The other is at 155 King William, a police station. It appears to be in perfect working condition. So far, those are the only two I’ve noticed that are working (I’ve tried a few others).

So maybe there are enough Bell payphones left working to harass someone. It seems a needlessly labour intensive and expensive way to go about it, though.

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