PART XX-24 August 17-20, 2019

August 17, 2019 – As I was digging through the mass of paper associated with this mess, I did notice that we’d asked for the front deck to be repaired/painted quite some time ago. There’s a tread in the stairs that is badly cracked, another has rotted and about 90% of the paint is gone. I’d mentioned it to Agostino when I called to complain about the noise a couple of days ago. So I called a complaint to Property Standards about the deck. While I was at it, I also complained about the vehicle always parked on the grass beside the driveway (also a no-no in Hamilton).

From the Hamilton Property Standards Bylaw:

All Exteriors
8(1) All exterior surfaces of a building, structure, fence or retaining wall, including a mobile structure or building, shall be of materials which resist deterioration by the weather or have resistant coatings applied to them, except that a farm building may have unprotected wood surfaces.


12(3) A tread or riser of an exterior or interior stairway that shows excessive wear or is broken, warped or loose and all supporting structural members that are rotted or deteriorated shall be repaired or replaced.

The I told Agostino not to bother picking up the written request. (John would just ignore it anyway).

Here’s the upper surface of the deck, and the offending treads.

front deck 2019-08-21
front deck 2019-08-21

A minor Property Standards complaint, for a minor violation. I doubt the city will write a compliance order for this one; more likely they’ll tell John to paint the damned deck. Or, maybe this isn’t a Property Standards violation. It looks like one to me, but the way these bylaws are enforced in this city, who knows?

August 19, 2019 11:15 – I received a call from Jason Mai, from Property Standards. He advised me that the parking issue was something I’d have to complain about to Parking Enforcement. (I doubt I’ll bother. About the only reason I mentioned it was that I was already on the phone with Property Standards. It isn’t worth the resources; that car parked on the grass is a minor pain in the ass. But Richard should know better.)

He told me he’d look into it and get back to me.

August 20, 2019 – 12:30 – I accidentally called Jason Mai on my cell phone (The caller ID for his number is “Michael”. I called the wrong one using my recent contacts list). I hung up before he answered, but he called back. So I asked him about the complaint. He told me he had issued a “notice” for John to repair or replace the surface of the deck and the treads. The “notice” expires on September 13, 2019 (three weeks, plenty of time for John to fix it). I told him I’d call back on the fourteenth if John hadn’t complied. I’m not sure if he meant a compliance order or not, but I’ll stop in at Jackson Square tomorrow (if I have time) and ask for a copy from Property Standards. If it was a compliance order, they’ll hand over a copy with names redacted. If not, I’ll see what happens and wait for John to fix it.

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