PART XX-23 August 16, 2019

I spoke to two officers, McClelland and Lawther, about the circus. The circus goes on, it seems. Apparently, I don’t fit the “victim profile” since I haven’t moved, and don’t run from these people.

It also seems the Cora Williams act has rejoined the circus, or else Ron Stamper has her convinced I’m a pedophile. Apparently, she complained to the cops that I was filming her kids.

However, after the circus on September 3, 2017 I was always careful to keep kids out of it. And the loony crew are (usually) well behaved around kids (or at least they hide their behavior from the children). So the cameras aren’t recording when the kids are around. (The body-cam can be started at the touch of a button. The loony crew seems to think it runs 24/7. Until recently, the cameras weren’t even turned on until after an encounter had started. That gave the loony crew too much leeway to lie about what happened before the camera was turned on. When there are kids around the camera is off, but on my belt.)

It’s actually a bit funny that Ron Stamper thinks I’m a pedophile. My tastes run in the opposite direction. So if the cops want to check out my extensive collection of granny porn, they’re more than welcome. It’s a lot less funny that he’s convinced others.

And, I was cautioned about filming the interior of other tenants units, even by chance. That can be construed as Criminal Mischief.

I already knew that, which is why the body cam points to the ground in front of me rather than showing a full frontal view (the belt clip for the camera is adjustable to hold the camera pointed wherever you like). The camera can be adjusted to point forward quickly if needed.

It’s also a bit disingenuous for Richard Pollington in particular to complain about having the interior of his unit filmed (if he has, this time. This might be Ron Stamper’s “you’re a peeping tom” shtick being recycled, or it might be Cora Williams recycling her claims I photographed her through her windows. Come to think of it, maybe Ron Stamper got the idea from Cora. Who knows?). As far as I can recall, the only times anyone in this circus has ever filmed the interior of someone else’s apartment was on December 6, 2019 and December 8, 2019 (videos are in this post). Richard Pollington was standing in the hallway filming me through the open door of my unit. I objected, he continued. Then he came back later that day and did the same thing.

Spent the night at the apartment. No circus, so no videos to post.

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