Part XX-9 June 8, 2019 – July 10, 2019

John Cerino being John Cerino, the next day we were served with this:

Note the amount of rent claimed per month: $11,039.95. Rather pricey for this neighborhood, and well beyond the guideline increase from our lawful monthly rent of $1,139.95. John botched the paperwork, as always. Every bit of paperwork he does himself is rife with errors. He can’t be bothered to slow down and do it right, or to double check his own work. The idea of having someone else check his work for errors would never occur to John.

I was tempted to bring along a corrected copy of the N4 (as well as a correctly filled in L1 update) to the hearing, just to move things along. But it wouldn’t have worked; the N4 was fatally flawed. I just didn’t know that yet. I knew the resulting L1 Application would give us a chance to have our issues heard. Section 82 of the RTA is very useful to tenants.

The situation calmed itself a bit for the rest of June. Aside from Jeremy Stamper being around a lot more (and constantly exercising his middle fingers in my vicinity) it was pretty quiet. The first court date for Richard Pollington’s private complaint was June 24, 2019 and I think the loony crew was laying low. Jeremy never came to our side of the building and never spoke to me or my roomate. The finger flashes were furtive.

On June 24, 2019 as I was waiting for my ride downtown Jeremy Stamper came out onto the front deck, looked at me, smiled and went to our side of the building on the front deck. I pulled my phone out and started recording; that was (as far as I knew) a breach of Jeremy’s conditions. He wasn’t supposed to be on our side of the building. I didn’t catch him on our side of the building, but here’s the video;

2019-06-24 0828 Jeremy Stamper on front deck

There wasn’t time to make a complaint to police. I was due in criminal court to answer Richard Pollington’s private complaint. Taking into account later events, I now believe this was deliberate.

So I went to the hearing. While waiting for the court to be in session, I noticed that Agostino and Richard were the only two there of our landlord’s loony crew. John hadn’t hired representation for Richard, unless Agostino was it.

At the hearing I received disclosure from the Crown. I was being charged (on a private information) with one count of uttering threats and one count of criminal harassment. After two and a half years of unfounded complaints to police, our landlord was finally taking the DIY approach to framing a tenant for a crime. Through Richard Pollington.

The disclosure was nearly identical to the package I’d received from Jennifer Greenway on March 6, 2019 with a few interesting differences I’ll keep to myself for now.

One thing it did have in common with the package from March 6, 2019 was that nowhere in the disclosure did it tell me the words I am alleged to have uttered, or when I said them. It’s a bit difficult to defend yourself against an accusation of making threats when you don’t know what your said or when you said it.

The criminal harassment complaint appeared to be a collection of incidents common to our landlords L2 applications. Two of the incidents that Richard Pollington alleges are criminal harassment against him are particularly puzzling as they don’t even involve Richard Pollington. Another act of criminal harassment alleged was that I’d “summoned” Mr Pollington and “the neighbour” to the LTB for “interfering with his comfort of living”.

Sigh. Another of our landlord’s abuses of process, this time in someone else’s name. And, like all of John’s vexatious LTB applications, the accusations themselves were so vague it was hard to tell what incidents in real life that they were based upon (if any). At least John is consistent.

The case was remanded until July 15, 2019. Another day off work.

I did make a complaint to police about Jeremy Stamper. The officers who responded (three of them) informed me that Jeremy had been given a conditional discharge and was under conditions not to communicate with me. There were no longer restrictions on where Jeremy could go. That surprised me a bit. The victim impact statement I’d submitted should have led to stronger conditions. I’ll be posting a separate post discussing what happened. It won’t be complimentary to Hamilton police. The cops are nearly as bad at paperwork as John sometimes.

Real Life kept me occupied the rest of June, but in the first few days of July I prepared amendments to two of our T2 applications (SOT-91682-18 and SOT-99829-18) to bring one up to date (SOT-99829-18) and one more detailed and to add a few incidents that I had not been aware were connected to the events already alleged in the application(SOT-91682-18). I’ll post those when I’ve had a chance to edit personal information from them.

On July 3, 2019 this appeared on Richard Pollington’s front door.

On July 4, 2019 I served John with a copy of the amendments, as well as a 64GB SD card with all the latest videos and audio recordings, as well as a few documents.

2019-07-04 1346 – Disclosure to John Cerino

On July 8, 2019 I spoke to Mr Lee at the Crown Attorney’s office and explained the situation to him as best I could. He told me the Crown would be agreeable to a remand until the LTB matters were heard on July 11, 2019 (our next hearing date for the joined applications). Since we were due back in court for the private complaint on July 15, 2019 he said to let them know how it turned out on July 11, 2019. Fair enough.

On July 9, 2019 as I approached the front door, I noticed George Pollington sitting on the front deck. In the first summer we were there, George had often sat on the front deck. George is intellectually challenged, has a mental age of about 10 years old and a nice guy. We’ve talked quite a few times and he was always friendly. I hadn’t seen him in weeks. He does not understand what’s going on.

I used to give him a toony every now and then. He’d go off to Tim Horton’s and get a coffee with it, which he’d then nurse for hours. He doesn’t have much in this world.

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