Part XX-12 July 13-14, 2019

The Stampers and Pollington were fairly quiet on Saturday. Nothing more than the occasional screech of Christina Stamper’s voice cutting through the air like a knife through a lung sullied the tranquility around my home. The entire crew was setting up tents, airing sleeping bags and all the other things needed for a camping trip. From conversation overheard, and social media posts, we gathered that the whole crew was going on a camping trip for the next week. A week long vacation from the circus sounded good to us to.

The only incident of note on July 13, 2019 was that I was approached by a heavyset young woman I could not identify while at the neighborhood convenience store. She tearfully demanded to know why I was “screwing with” her family, then became incoherent. I listened for a minute, then walked away. From what I could gather, she was the mother of Jeremy’s newborn son (the first I’d heard of it) and was worried about taking care of the infant on her own. I didn’t know who she was (I do now. Social media gives away a lot). As far as I know, she isn’t involved in any of this.

On July 14, 2019 I walked over to a neighbor’s house to drop something off. Here’s the video as I left the building.


The video was made on my phone, which I was carrying in my hand walking as usual (ie: my hand was moving, not holding the camera still). The comments made by Pollington, Christina Stamper and Larry Norman were intended for my ears, but not directed at me. I’d seen that tactic many times before. It is one of John’s favorite methods of antagonizing someone.

I didn’t take Richard’s threat to call the cops seriously. He’d been told enough times that lensing someone in public was not against the law.

There were no incidents when I returned to the building.


A couple of hours later there was a knock at the front door. Richard Pollington had thoughtfully opened the security doors so the cops could come right up. I had a camera handy, so I started it and held it in my hand while I spoke to them.

2019-07-14 1410

One more incident to add to the next LTB application alleging John’s agent was harassing us. Except I couldn’t seem to get an application heard in that place. And no time to prepare one because I was dealing with John’s eviction applications (one after the other) and Pollington’s private complaint. And even if I filed one (and I have two more ready), it would simply generate more hearings, since no other applications could be joined to the mess. Terrific.

I probably shouldn’t have busted the male cops balls quite so hard, but he seriously annoyed me. I can’t abide a coward, and it seemed to me his advice could be summed up by “Turn tail and run” (it still does). I don’t believe him for a second when he says “If it was me, I’d move”. If he’s that spineless, he shouldn’t be wearing that uniform. I think he was trying to resolve a situation that he could see would consume further police resources. I get that. But he shouldn’t try to accomplish that by advising us to move. It’s asshole cops like that who encourage asshole landlords like John (and I’m thinking of the cop in the video from May 15, 2017 in particular, but there have been a couple more since then).

The female cop, Constable Fleming, had been there before on one of Pollington’s bogus complaints. She should have known better.

All night long there was the usual banging, loud music and sudden thumping noises that we’d grown accustomed to before an LTB merit hearing. Apparently, our landlord’s loony crew were using the same tactics for criminal court. Tomorrow was the next court date for Pollington’s private complaint.

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