Part XX-11 July 12, 2019

On July 12, 2019 I was walking from the bus stop when I notice Jeremy Stamper’s vehicle pass me on the street. As it did, a hand emerged from the driver’s side window with the middle finger upraised. So I began recording video on my cell phone a bit earlier than I usually did when approaching the building. Here’s the video. The action doesn’t start until close to the end. The first part of the video shows me walking up the street to the house.

2019-07-12 – Jeremy Stamper Breaches Conditions Again – 20190712_185440 – with subtitles

That sounded like communication to me, so I called police non-emergency number to make a complaint. I was informed officers would respond as soon as they could.

The cops showed up at 2:40 am the next morning and rang the door buzzer. Luckily, it was one of those days where the buzzer worked, so I went downstairs to let them in. When police arrive on a complaint made by Pollington or the Stampers, they’re usually escorted through the security doors by Richard Pollington so they can pound on our front door. They weren’t happy about the complaint. The video starts as I let them in the front door of the unit.

I know the cops think this is a petty neighbor dispute. And I agree it looks like that to them. However, I do think that they should have been a bit more eager to charge a crime that had been recorded on video. Particlarly since this was the second time Jeremy Stamper had breached his conditions (the other being December 3, 2018. The police wouldn’t charge it because the officer who took the complaint said he couldn’t be sure Jeremy was speaking to me. It seems clear enough in the video I posted. As clear as this time.) I was tempted to tell Constable French to shove it up his ass when he told me that if the arrest was to proceed the camera would have to be turned off, but instead I simply acknowledged his request. I didn’t agree to it. When Lavie came back in, he moved out of the view of the camera very quickly, and his body language while off camera was extremely hostile (and to be fair, he had it under control. But he hated the situation, and his control took visible effort). Or maybe it was the fact that he was standing in an apartment in 30 degree Celsius heat wearing body armor after climbing a long, steep flight of stairs late on a sweltering Friday night in Central Division.

However, anybody who watched the Braidwood Inquiry knows the answer to Constable Lavie’s question as to why any of it had to be on camera. And, going forward, any interaction with police will be recorded with a body camera and possibly other cameras. There are some significant differences between what we told police, and what was recorded in some of the Occurrence Reports I now have. More on that later, once I figure out what the hell is going on.

Those of you who were paying attention to the video noticed me starting another camera when the two cops left the room. Something about Constable Lavie told me it would be a good idea. I was right. What happened after the video above may be the subject of a formal complaint against Lavie (Badge #1142). If it is, I’ll post it here. But I don’t have his side of it yet and there may be an explanation as to why he acted like an unprofessional asshole. And I haven’t managed to speak to Sgt Beazly, his staff sergeant about it yet. However, he took my statement and proceeded with the arrest. He did not give me a victim impact statement. He reluctantly provided an Occurance number (#19-674656) when asked. He didn’t have a card on him (which was not unusual). For reasons that escape me, he belived I doubted his word about having blank cards on his person, and became very hostile and belligerent. He then offered to let me look through his pockets to verify that he did not have cards. While he made the offer, his hand was resting on his service weapon.

I think Jarvie needs to lay off the steroids. I recognize the type (and the problem) from my days in uniform and some more recent events in my life that I may or may not write about.

However, they did arrest Jeremy Stamper.

Note that Richard Pollington (once again) tries to intervene on Jeremy Stamper’s behalf with police. Also note Christina Stamper’s phone call to John. If my son were being carted off to Barton Street lockup at 3 am, my first call would not be to my landlord.

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