PART XX-7 March 30, 2019 – June 6, 2019

On March 31, 2019 water began leaking through the ceilings of both mine and my roomate’s bedroom. We’d complained about the water leaking last October (videos will be posted) and Agostino had been shown the damage, but to our knowledge, nothing had been done to repair the problem.

By the morning of April 1, 2019, the ceiling in my bedroom had collapsed.

Judging from the mould on the plaster that fell, this wasn’t a new problem. The roof had been missing many shingles since a wind storm more than a year before and had not been repaired. That’s typical of John. He won’t repair anything until it fails. Then he slaps a band-aid on it and hopes for the best. The roof of our building is one example.

It looks bad but this is actually a very simple repair, at least the parts visible to us. First you have to stop any more water from coming in (ie fix the damned roof). About a week later there was a roofing crew patching holes and laying (some) shingles, so John finally did that. Then you let it dry, thoroughly, then install a single sheet of drywall over the hole and mud around the edges. Sand, then paint. Not complicated, and doable in two entries, maybe three if you want a perfect job.

The carpet was further damaged by plaster and water soaking in.

It took Agostino and Roy five entries to get the sheet of drywall installed and mudded. Five more days of missed work watching incompetents work was wearing on my roomate’s nerves. We told them not to bother coming back to paint, we’d handle it.

Agostino is a good (nearly excellent) carpenter, a lousy painter and a mediocre drywaller (at least when teamed with Roy for the latter two).

I’ve skipped over the details of us paying the rent to Jennifer Greenway by e-transfer (I’ll fill those in later) but there were no problems. It was refreshing to be able to pay rent without a circus on my doorstep, or having to deal with another complaint to police by our loony landlord and/or his agents.

By April 1, 2019 we were paid up.

A few days before May 1, 2019 AGostino knocked on the door of our apartement and asked my roomate to pay the rent to him on May 1, 2019. Agostino was informed that we would continue to pay rent to Jennifer Greenway, and John would need to speak with her about it. Agostino appeared to have no understanding of the idea of an undertaking.

Agostino came back and knocked on the door again before May 1, 2019 but my roomate did not answer the door.

On May 1, 2019 we e-transferred the rent to Jennifer Greenway and received a receipt.

Near the end of May, Agostino was back with a request to pay the rent to him. His explanation was that “John wants it that way.” John was ignoring yet another LTB order. I’m not sure he was (technically) doing anything wrong. The order didn’t specify that he couldn’t ask, but the whole point of using a third party was to avoid contact between us and our landlord’s loony crew.

So we withheld the rent. The only way to get a hearing, it seems, is to interrupt the flow of rent money. Instead of complicating the mess the first time around on John’s L1 (by introducing quite a number of older and new issues under Section 82), we’d just agreed to have a third party collect the rent until the joined applications were heard.

In the third week of May, my roomate was served with a summons for me to attend criminal court to answer a private information laid by Richard Pollington charging me with one count of uttering threats (section of the CoC) and one count of criminal harassment (Section of the CoC).

{insert copy of summons}

Also in May 2019, we received a copy of the hearing notice for SOL-01323-19, John’s L2 application that had been adjourned on March 29, 2019 so John could find another paralegal. The hearing date was June 7, 2019.

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