PART XX-6 – March 8, 2019 – March 29, 2019

So, after two and a half years we were waiting for our “first” hearing. What a joke.

Nothing much happened before the March 19, 2019 hearing date for John’s L1 application. Greenway had the L1 update filled in properly and was ready to go. One of the more useful aspects of an L1 application to a tenant is that the tenant can raise any issue that might otherwise be the subject of an application before the board. In other words, if you stop paying your rent and your landlord files an application for eviction, you can simply pay the rent owed and raise the issues you might otherwise have waited years to have heard (as in our case). Rather than complicate this mess any more than it was, we’d decided to ask only for a method of paying rent that would avoid the hazard of dealing with John Cerino or his agents. After hearing a summary of some of the more outrageous behaviour by Pollington and the Stampers (and John) Greenway volunteered to accept an undertaking to act as an agent to collect rent. All we had to do was e-transfer the rent every month. John Cerino did not attend the hearing. We also told the member that we would proceed with the contents of all the applications that day if John were given costs. Greenway reluctantly agreed to absorb the $190 filing fee for the L1 application, something we both knew would infuriate John.

FINALLY, we’d be able to pay rent without having to deal with another false complaint to police, enduring John’s antagonistic and outrageous behavior, or defending ourselves from yet another vexatious LTB application. At least I thought so at the time.

The next day, March 20, I called Greenway.

2019-03-20 Conversation with Greenway-phone_20190320-153738__19055169149

What a sleazy piece of work she is. About average for paralegals these days, at least from what I can tell.

This came in the mail a few days later.

On March 26, 2019 I called Agostino with a repair request.


He told me to give it to his paralegal.

So I did.

Greenway never did acknowledge this email, but the next day I sent her copies of our receipts for last month’s rent deposit. In the L1 hearing two days before, Greenway had said there was no last month’s rent on deposit. John had lied to her about that point, and I expected that we’d be back for another L1 hearing in the future, so I set her straight on a few points. She acknowledged the email from the previous day in that thread. Please note the dates and times on the following emails. They show Greenway was acting as John Cerino’s agent as late as March 27, 2019.

On March 28, 2019 we received a Notice of Entry for the next day, March 29, 2019.

Not only was there a hearing on March 29, 2019, but Agostino was supposed to be the star witness. Not to mention that we’d objected to Agostino entering the unit. We had a ruling that Agostino was not a landlord, and it seemed reasonable to object to the entry of an agent who had made false accusations of criminal behaviour (in Agostino’s case, the allegation that I had made threats to him to kill John from the N5 served on Janusary 24, 2019). This one is a must listen:

2019-03-28 – Agostino admits death threat allegations are false-phone_20190328-155314_2894892913

So much for the L2 application. It was dead in the water at this point. So, I emailed Greenway again. Note the Date/time stamp of the email.

Greenway never answered this email.

However, she did fax her resignation to the LTB, one hour and fifty eight minutes later and fourteen hours and 21 minutes before the scheduled merits hearing (Note the date/time received in the lower left corner). She did not notify us, as required under the LTB rules of procedure, and she back dated her resignation. She also missed one of the applications in her list. Sleazy.

At the hearing, John claimed he had just got back to town to find he had no representation. Maybe, but I doubt it. More likely, he’d found out at the same time the LTB did, fourteen hours earlier.

The “landlord’s paralegal” hadn’t sent him anything three days before. But John presented this as evidence:

That doesn’t quite fit with the date/time stamps of the emails I’d exchanged with Greenway. Something else that’s a little shady; Greenway knew that we’d be paying rent, approximately $5400. That should have covered John’s bill at this point. Instead she bailed.

John asked for, and got, an adjournment so he could find another representative.

It never ends with these people. Greenway was out of the picture, but her sleazy tactics would live on in the private information.

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