Part XX-4 December 29, 2018 to January 31, 2019

On January 2, 2019 there were several loud crashes heard throughout the building, at random intervals throughout the day. They were loud enough to be noticeable, but not really loud enough to cause a disturbance. As far as I could tell, the noises were coming from the Stamper’s unit on the other side of the building, but it was impossible to tell. Sound travels in strange and unexpected ways in an old building.

Richard Pollington had popped out of the front door of his unit once, screaming incoherently (as usual). I think he was complaining about the noise. It was hard to make out any meaning in his screaming. By the time I got my phone out of my pocket to record the encounter, Richard went back into his unit.

January 3, 2019 was a repeat of January 2, 2019. There were loud crashes heard at random intervals. When I left the building around 10 am, Richard came out of his unit and screamed “Stop slamming the door, you fucking cunt”, then slammed his door behind him as he went into his unit. Richard’s vocabulary is a bit limited, it seems. Around 3 pm, when I returned to the building, Richard shoved his way past me while going in the front door. I was starting to get sick and tired of these people putting their hands on me.

I was still trying to get the door painted after it had been vandalized, so I called the paralegal.

phone_20190103-094400_9055169149-edited for posting

I was hoping for some results, but not expecting any. Life met my expectations in this instance.

Richard also made a complaint to police, apparently about the noise (I’ll know when I get the Occurrance Report, which is in the works). The interview with police was recorded. Both my roomate and I expressed the opinion that Mr Pollington was using police to harass us by making one unjustified complaint after another. This was (as far as we knew) the fourth complaint by Pollington to police, and (as far as we knew) the twelfth complaint by building staff.

I didn’t think it would do much good, but I called Agostino to complain. I was right. It didn’t do any good.

On January 9, 2019 we received the Notice of Hearing for the T2 application I’d filed on December 10, 2018. Since I’d filed it with the related applications listed on the form (something our landlords never did) it was scheduled to be heard with our other applications on March 7, 2019, which was the second anniversary of our first merits hearing. It seems justice is very slow in the LTB these days.

I’m fairly certain that Pollington got his Notice of Hearing on the same day or the next, because on the 10, 11 and 12th of January 2019 both Pollington and the Stampers (Christina and Ron) were hostile and antagonistic almost every time I’d enter or leave the building. Jeremy was nowhere to be seen.

Things quieted down for a week or so after that. There was just the usual nasty comments as I’d enter or leave the building, and a few “Fuck You’s” directed at us by building staff. Like this, for instance:

2019-01-29 Snow Not Cleared from Front Deck by Our Door

As usual of late, the Pollingtons and Stampers were leaving security doors open again.

A complaint to Agostino on January 21, 2019 had zero results.

So, I called the paralegal:


and I thought we’d made progress in the conversation. But nothing got done.

On January 24, 2019 I sent the paaralegal an email.

Eventually, we did get the heat back on, but no other results unless you count this:

Please note the termination date (February 2, 2019) and the date Jennifer Greenway (supposedly) signed the N5 Notice (February 18, 2019). This was delivered by sliding it under our door on January 24, 2019. The termination date is nine days after the Notice was served. I suspect this is a clerical error, and that it was actually signed on January 18, 2019.

Again, the notice is vague and (mostly) repeats the allegations from the first N5 notice.

June 2018 – present – Harassing and videotaping other tenants and the landlord every time the landlord is doing work on the residential premises.

Neither John nor any of his agents had done any work on the property between December 28, 2018 (the date the first N5 Notice was served) and January 24, 2019 (the date this N5 was served), at least not that we’d noticed. We hadn’t had a chance to lens our landlord’s loony behavior in our unit, or anywhere else. I would have, given the opportunity, but there was no opportunity. We’d complied with the first N5 on this point, but only because there was no interaction with our landlord’s loony crew to record.

John enjoys making his accusations as outrageous as possible, while maintaining superficial plausibility.

June 2018-present – Constantly calling the landlord from various phones and Bell Payphones to harass him.

John is still stuck in the 1980’s. See my commentary from the previous post. I’d still like to know where all these Bell pay phones are hiding in the city.

June 2018 – Stalking the landlord at his home address and calling Property Standards on the landlord at his own address. Standing outside the landlord’s home and watching him.

I hadn’t been there for months, but this reminded me to call the Property Standards “Officer” in charge of the “enforcement” at 6 Acorn (Lee Rynar; there’s good reason for the quotes in that sentence) to bust his stones over the lack of enforcement. The excuses, which were thin to start, got thinner. I’ll be posting my conversations with MLE on the subject of 6 Acorn Street in a separate post. I hadn’t called Property Standards with a complaint for over a year at this point. John had learned that I would follow through with a PS complaint, and that the city would (reluctantly) take enforcement action if pushed. John knew by this point that I would push.

It’s be nice if John would include a few dates and times, so that I could prove I was somewhere else for at least some of them. But John likes to keep his accusations as vague as possible.

December 2018 – You continue to be rude and vulgar to other tenants in the building interfering with their reasonable enjoyment of the rental premises. They are scared of you and want to move.

I still don’t know what John means by “rude and vulgar”. If the other “tenants” (meaning building staff and the Stampers) were scared of me (or my roomate) they didn’t show it in their interactions with us. As a general rule, if you’re frightened of someone, you don’t usually aggressively confront them without provocation. The Stampers and Richard Pollington had done just that, repeatedly.

December/January 2019 -The police were called because Paul Peter Bosch assaulted Richard Pollington. Paul Peter Bosch shoved Richard Pollington into his doorway and slammed the door on him. The Police were called and the incident number is 18807326, Badge #454 Robert Centurione. Paul Peter Bosch originally told Richard Pollington to fix his door bell which had nothing wrong with it and it escalated to assault. Police Report has been ordered.

It’s hard to tell from this if John meant the incident on December 6, 2018 (video is posted on the blog) or the incident on January 3, 2019. I believe Richard Pollington did complain about the incident on Dec 6, 2018 when he called police on January 3, 2019 but I don’t have the Occurrence Report yet. In either case, the only assault that occurred was against me, not by me. (Screaming profanity at someone is an assault. Not much of one, but still…) And, if you’ll recall, I told Agostino about the doorbell, not Richard (the phone call on December 6, 2018 was posted in a previous post).

John like to embellish his big lies with little lies like this. That’s characteristic socio…er…douchebag behavior.

January 3, 2019 – You told Agostino Cerino (landlord’s brother) that you were going to kill the landlord, John Cerino.

Well, at least there was a date attached to this one. I had spoken to Agostino several times by telephone on January 3, 2019. The conversations were recorded, and there were no threats made against John or anyone else. It seemed to us at the time that Agostino was demonstrating his willingness to lie again on John’s behalf. That may not have been the case. We now believe John just made it up, and didn’t bother telling Agostino. That last sentence will make more sense to you when you’ve heard the phone call I recorded with Agostino on March 28, 2019.

I’m not a legal professional, but these N5’s struck me as so vague they weren’t valid. I’d sat through several days of LTB hearings (landlord applications) through the summer of 2018 and one point the adjudicator always stressed is that an N5 Notice must be specific (otherwise the tenant has no idea what behavior to “correct”, as in this case). I doubted this application would go anywhere, even if John had been telling the truth.

This would be John’s second L2 Application, his first L1 Application and his third attempt to evict us. Each of John Cerino’s applications to the LTB was filed as a separate application, with the file number for related applications (which were legion at this point) left blank. So, rather than have the applications joined to ours (which makes perfect sense since they cover the same events, and should be heard together) John was simply trying to generate more hearing dates as close to simultaneously as possible. This is quite easy to do, and I’ve watched other sleazy paralegals do the same thing to tenants (and one self-represented tenant doing it to a landlord). I think it’s responsible for a lot of the crowded dockets and general “zoo” atmosphere at LTB merit hearings. There are too many sleazy legal “professionals” gaming the system.

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