PART XX-3 December 9, 2018 – December 28, 2018

Life went on, but not the heat in my roomate’s bedroom. So on December 9, 2018 I called Agostino around 4 pm and let him know that the radiator in her room was cold and that the symptoms pointed towards air in the radiator. That’s an easy fix; bleed the radiators, a routine task for either my roomate or myself.

2018-12-09-154743_2894892913 Agostino Bosch about rads being bled no heat in B1

Six minutes later, Agostino calls back and says it would be best if he bled the rads, not us. I also asked Agostino to change the locks on the security doors controlling access to our front door. It seemed a reasonable thing to do, since Jeremy Stamper’s keys to the other side of the building opened the doors on our side. Taking Agostino’s words at face value, John has never changed a lock in the building, on either side, in the 40 years he’s owned it.

2018-12-09-155305__12894892913 Agostino Bosch told NOT to bleed rads

On December 10, 2018 at 11 am my roomate called Agostino to complain about the vandalism to our front door.

2018-12-10 call to Auggy about vandalism on our apt door

Agostino tells her not to paint the door herself, and asks that we put the request to have the door painted in writing.

Around noon, I filed another T2 Application About Tenant Rights with the LTB alleging that Richard Pollington and the Stampers had interfered with our reasonable enjoyment of the rental premises and harassed us. The application is here:

{insert T2 Application} SOT-99829-18

Around 3:45 pm, I called Agostino to ask if he was coming to bleed radiators, and got the usual runaround. My complaint about the security doors being left unlocked went nowhere, fast.

2018-12-10-154134_2894892913 Agostino Bosch door unlocked – no notice of entry to bleed rads

On December 11, 2018 this was shoved under our door at some time during the morning.

So I called Agostino and asked about the door being painted. He was evasive.

2018-12-11-112522_2894892913 AGostino Bosch asks about painting door no answer

I know where JOhn Cerino was on December 11, 2018:

On December 13, 2018 at 08:45 Agostino called and cancelled the entry.

And a bit later, this was shoved under the door.

Everything is a hassle with our landlord and his agents.

On December 14, 2018 Agostino and Roy bled the radiators. While there, I asked Agostino about painting the front door. He said he hadn’t “been told to do it yet”. After they left I called Agostino to inquire as to whether John had served an N4 notice. Agostino said he had not.

In the following days, we would often notice security doors left unlocked in our side of the building. On December 19, 2018 my roomate called Agostino with a complaint.

2018-12-19 1759 Roomate call to Agostino about front door being left unlocked

The Stampers (Christina and Ron) and Richard Pollington were unusually aggressive for the last two weeks of December. They’d scream obscenities at me when I was entering or leaving the building, or shove past me in a hallway, or spit on the ground in front of me. Charming people. I only saw Jeremy once or twice during this period, and he was behaving himself for the most part (aside from an upraised middle finger). All of these encounters were too brief to document on video; by the time I’d get my phone out of a pocket, it was already over.

The complaints about the doors left unlocked went on, unheeded. Here’s the December 27, 2018 complaint made by my roomate to Agostino:

2018-12-27 1820 roomate – Agostino calling back about front door

The front door was not repaired in this time.

On December 28, 2018 the doorbell rang. When I went down to answer the door, a tall blond woman handed me an envelope with the following two documents:

The N4 was only to be expected. But there was this as well:

It was clear to both of us that our landlord was setting us up for another vexatious L2 application, timed (as usual) to create multiple hearings on multiple applications as simultaneously as possible.

The paralegal was Jennifer Greenway, the second in John’s parade of representation (the first was Vidywattie Yakhni ; you’ll be reading more about her antics when I post the story from April 2017 to August 2018) and turned out to be as sleazy as the first. At the time, I was a bit relieved that John had finally retained counsel. I didn’t realize at the time that John had (most likely) NOT given Ms Greenway the previous disclosures. It never occurred to me that anyone would be that stupid. I think John was. It would explain a lot.

You may notice that the allegations in this N5 are vague. There are no dates attached to anything, just a range of dates. The descriptions of the objectionable behaviour are vague and lack any detail.

For example: June 2018 – present – Harassing and video taping other tenants and the landlord every time the landlord is doing work on the residential premises.

Yes, we had recorded our interactions with building staff, especially our landlord John Cerino. He’d already proven himself a liar and readily made false accusations. So did his brother and superintendent. Lensing someone (particularly in your own home, and most particularly when that someone has been warned in writing that any interaction will be recorded) is not harassment. This would be John’s third attempt in LTB applications to have the cameras removed from the situation. That wasn’t going to happen. We’d tried appeasing our landlord on this point in June and July of 2017. The result was a flood of false accusations from our landlord.

John becomes extremely aggressive when his version of events is challenged. That was happening more and more. John (and Richard Pollington and the Stampers) were finding out that cops won’t take any action on a complaint when the complainant’s story is contradicted by video of the event. But we didn’t lens John (or anyone else) outside our unit at that point unless they were becoming confrontational (as, for example, Jeremy Stamper did on November 23, 2018, or Ron Stamper on December 3, 2018).

June 2018-present – Constantly calling the landlord from various phones and Bell Payphones to harass him.

I had to laugh out loud at this one. I don’t think there’s a working Bell payphone left in downtown Hamilton, and if there is, I don’t know where it may be found. I don’t recall using a pay phone at any time in the last five years. If I were to indulge in that kind of juvenile behavior, I’d use something like this. John is pretty far behind the times.

As usual, no dates or times. It’s impossible to defend against this allegation as stated. This is typical douchebag behavior; throw as much mud as you can and hope some sticks.

June 2018 – present – Stalking the landlord at his home address and calling Property Standards on the landlord at his own address. Standing outside the landlord’s home and watching him.

Well, I had taken some photos of John’s property at 6 Acorn (I’ve posted some on this blog), and I had made a complaint to Property Standards about the state of the yard. The complaint was made in November, 2017. I found out a bit later that John had finally been served with a Yard Maintenance letter by the city….in December 2018. So I did call Property Standards on John at his home address. And they took enforcement action, which means the complaint was justified. (There will be a separate post detailing the state of John’s property at 6 Acorn, and the City of Hamilton’s lackadaisical enforcement on the complaint). I even called Property Standards about his East Ave South property (where I live). Six times. All six calls resulted in enforcement action, which means the complaints were justified.

I don’t think John’s complaint has any moral or legal basis. John is doing his best to make collecting the evidence we needed to prove our case in the LTB merits hearing as legally hazardous as possible.

As for stalking John at his home address, that would be pointless. His truck can usually be found parked along the side of the MacDonald’s at Lottridge and Barton Street East. He spends his days drinking the free coffee refills (using sugar, not sweetener…a bit odd for a man who claims to be diabetic) and holding court with a collection of…eccentric…people. I spent a couple of afternoons listening to John’s version of a working day in the summer of 2018. (I didn’t look much like me at the time, so John never caught on or recognized me.) It was one hare-brained “get rich quick” scheme after another.

December 2018 – The Superintendent went to collect rent and you slammed the door on the superintendent’s face.

I’m not sure which incident this refers to, but all the videos are on this blog. You figure it out. At this point, we’d been refusing to deal with “the superintendent” for two years due to his hostility, irrational behavior and demonstrated willingness to lie on John’s behalf. Again, no dates or times.

December 2018 – You engraved vulgar words on your door because you want your door painted.

We hadn’t asked to have the door painted until after it was vandalized. As usual, this allegation is vague. (Which of us does this accuse of engraving the words?) My roomate was out of town when the door was vandalized, so I assume it was me, but who knows? These people make it up as they go along.

December 2018 – You are rude and vulgar to other tenants in the building interfering with their reasonable enjoyment of the rental premises.

I’m not certain what this means, unless making a criminal complaint (which resulted in an arrest) is being “rude and vulgar”. Or maybe me meant the time I told Richard to fuck off (after being accosted by him screaming incoherently at me). Maybe it was the time I called Ron Stamper a douchebag (after he called me a pedophile). Who knows?

October 2018 – December 2018 – Threatening to sue the landlord and superintendent constantly and interrogating them whenever they come to collect rent.

Videos of ALL of the rent collections will be posted as I fill in the whole story. It was necessary, from time to time, to point out to Agostino that needed repairs were mandated under Property Standards bylaws. It was the only way to get anything fixed.

So I called John’s new representative and asked her if she was representing John in the other applications before the LTB as well. She said she was.

2018-12-28 – Greenway Bosch – phone_20181228-135101_9055169149

I don’t think her answer to my question “Did he fill you in on what’s going on?” (in reference to John) was accurate. At the time of this writing (August 4, 2019) I’m not sure if she was as sleazy as John’s last paralegal, or a gullible fool.)

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