Part XX-1 November 2018

I’m going to skip ahead a bit in the story so the reader has a better understanding of just how far this situation has gone.

On November 12, 2018 I was delivering a letter to the landlord about bedbug treatments by sliding it under Richard Pollington’s door (at Agostino Cerino’s instructions) when I was accosted by Christina Stamper who began screaming at me incoherently. I walked away, but called Agostino to complain about the woman’s behaviour. I knew she was a tenant, but not her relationship to Richard Pollington. Agostino told me that she did not live in the building and not to worry about it.

2018-11-12 – Complaint to Agostino About Christina Stamper

The woman was Christina Stamper, who was one of the people who had moved into Unit 1 on the other side of the building. They had moved in at the beginning of January 2018, but had been very standoffish and we didn’t even know their names in November of 2018. I knew she had been a frequent visitor to Richard Pollington’s unit since we moved in, and had seen her and Richard together quite often. In early November 2018, she had approached me several times in a hostile and aggressive manner. I thought she was one of the local eccentrics, and ignored her. There are lots of those in our neighborhood.

On November 16, 2018 at around 5:30 pm I was accosted by Richard Pollington, who was apparently upset by the complaint I had made on November 12, 2018. Mr Pollington screamed incoherently at me on the front deck of the building until I told him to “fuck off” (I was beyond being polite to these people at this point) and closed an interior door. No complaint was made to the landlord, as previous complaints had been ignored. I didn’t get any of it on video.

On November 22, 2018 I called Agostino to complain about a pumpkin that had been left rotting on the front deck of the building after Hallowe’en. The pumpkin was left by the Stampers (Christina, her son Jeremie (AKA Jeremy) Stamper and her husband Ron Stamper).

(Nothing was done about the pumpkin until it rotted down to a puddle of mush, in the second week of December).

I didn’t know it at the time, but my roomate had also called Agostino about the loud music coming from Richard’s apartment. This was a regular event in our building and we had complained before.

2018-11-22 2039 Roomate to Agostino about Ricks loud music

On November 23, 2018, I was approaching the building when I was again accosted by Cristina Stamper, who was also apparently upset by my complaints of November 12 and 22, 2018. It is difficult to be certain since Ms Stamper was incoherently screaming. I asked to be left alone and walked away. Shortly after, Jeremy Stamper came out onto the front porch, accosted me, and threw a coffee in my face.

2018-11-23 – Assault by Jeremy Stamper – 20181123_130015 – subtitled

So, I called the cops, rather than settle it right there and then (guess I’m getting old):

2018-11-23- 911 call for Stamper Assault

Jeremy Stamper was removed from the building in custody and police informed me that he had been charged with assault. A video recording of the assault was provided to police.

It is important for the reader to understand that I had had no interaction of any kind with Jeremy Stamper until this video was made. I didn’t know him, or care to know him, before this. I didn’t even know his name. In this video Jeremy Stamper commits two offences, Uttering Threats (“I’m gonna punch this fucker out”) and Assault With a Weapon. He was only charged with Assault with a weapon. The Occurrence Report Number is shown in the photo below, and I’ll post the report as soon as I get it (as of July 20, 2019 I don’t have it yet).

Richard Pollington sided with Jeremy Stamper when questioned by police, stated that he had witnessed the event and that I had “egged on” Jeremy and asked to have me charged with an offence for making a video of the assault. (The video of Christina Stamper and Richard Pollington speaking to the officer is below. The sound quality sucks, but I could hear their conversation.)

Apparently, Mr Pollington believed that recording a video without the subject’s permission was a crime, a belief apparently shared by Ms Stamper (who can be heard saying “I’m gonna have him charged for recording us” just before her son throws the coffee) and John Cerino, who had previously complained to police about our lensing his actions in our unit. Mr Pollington did not witness the incident, but later claimed he had in written statements. Seconds before the assault Jeremy Stamper can be heard saying “You best go get Richard, yo.” to his mother Christina.

The officer also confirmed that they had asked for me to be charged when he came back to speak to me after this video was made. That interview was also recorded).

2018-11-23 – Clip from Interview with Police about Stamper assault – 00490

The previous complaint mentioned by the officer was made by John Cerino, our landlord, on May 15, 2017 (and numerous times since). The videos of that fiasco will be posted on this blog when I get to it. To my knowledge, the Stampers had not complained to police about us lensing anything. When dealing with our landlord, and his staff (ie: Richard Pollington) we found it wise to record our interactions. They had lied about what was said to whom in previous LTB applications. We saw no harm in having an objective record of interactions with building staff, considering the circumstances.

In the early afternoon of November 30 and December 1, 2018 Christina Stamper accosted my roomate outside of the building and forbade her to use the grounds on the north side of the building, a common area. My roomate refused, and was berated by Ms Stamper. Apparently (it was hard for my roomate to tell) Ms Stamper believed that the peace bond her son Jeremy had signed (agreeing to stay away from our side of the building and not to communicate with me) meant that we (my roomate and I) were under the same restrictions. This rather curious belief was apparently shared by her son, who later violates the conditions of his discharge by speaking directly to me (on July 12, 2019). Jeremy believed that I would be in legal trouble for lensing him speaking to me. Jeremy Stamper obviously had a limited understanding of his experience with the justice system, and no regret at all for his actions.

My roomate called Agostino:

2018-11-30 call to Auggy about rent and next door

A complaint was made in writing to the landlord by my roomate:

as well as a request for some needed repairs on December 1, 2018.

We had planned to deliver the letters to Agostino when he arrived to collect rent. (And there is an error in the letter. The assault took place on November 23, 2018 not November 25, 2018).

On December 1, 2018 when Agostino arrived to collect rent, he was accompanied by John, breaking a previous agreement that John would not be present when rent was collected. I closed the door and refused to speak with either of them necause on every other occasion John had come to our home, he was antagonistic, threatening and made false accusations (the videos will be posted).

So, we called Agostino. While speaking with Agostino, we could hear John calling the police in the background.

2018-12-01 call to Auggy about paying rent without John

By continually making complaints to police about trivial or non-criminal matters, our landlord and his staff have convinced the police that his is a routine neighbor dispute, with equal fault on both sides. It isn’t.

Anyway, twenty minutes later I called Agostino to try and bring some sanity to the situation. As usual when dealing with our landlords and staff, the conversation was laced with paranoia and new false accusations of misconduct.

2018-12-01-172007_2894892913 Agostino Bosch A makes false accusations of throwing 5 bills

(The video of the conversation Agostino refers to will be posted in a later post. His version does not match what happens in the video).

We called police non-emergency number to inquire as to their arrival time, and were told they weren’t coming. So I called Agostino once more:

2018-12-01 – Conversation with agostino – police are not coming – phone_20181201-183448_2894892913 (1)

And then I delivered the letters to our landlord by sliding them under Richard Pollington’s door.

Paying rent or asking for repairs was always an exhausting experience with these people. Our landlord had constructively refused rent (without being explicit about it) on many occasions before; this was nothing new. Involving other tenants in the mess was something new.

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  1. Hi my name is Joe. I’ve left my Gmail address yesterday, and I just remembered that it may not be accessible to myself. So, I would ask you if you may please text me at (289) 460-1839. I’ve had similar problems from several years ago. Is it possible you can help me document them and/or to try and have them remediated. Thanks very much.


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